Dirt and Delirium

Two days in, covered in sweat, mud, leeches, and blood, we rolled into a quiet mountain village greeted with smiles from our friends, inquisitive stares from the locals, and a delicious and much needed lunch. Even though exhaustion might have slightly overshadowed it, the feeling of accomplishment made it so we couldn’t help but smile back. A fast rinse in a pool of a stream… Read more

Moments of Mindfulness

I wasn’t sure if took a wrong turn up the muddy path and walked into a seance or a romantic proposal set up, until a retreat leader, clothed in the same gauzy white pants and top that I wore, walked through the back door with our cushions. Yes, this was the evening meditation session in Center Hall, the stilted glass box surrounded by thick greenery…. Read more

Moments in Thailand

Reflections from our Southeast Asia Semester (B) crew… The experience of spelunking in the caves near Chiang Mai was an unforgettable one. Every person in my group had fears and apprehensions about some of the challenges we faced – such as free rappelling 100 or so feet down into a pit of darkness or sitting in the deepest darkest part of the cave surrounded by… Read more

Instructor Intro: Beth Farrell

Hello fellow adventurers!! Just dropping a line to introduce myself and confirm that your excitement at our upcoming travels is entirely justified, if not understated. My name is Beth and I am super stoked to be combining forces with Stacey to create your instructing team on our journey through South East Asia! I grew up on a small tropical island in North Queensland, Australia, living… Read more

Instructor Intro: Stacey Williams

Sawasdee ka naksuksa! Hi everybody. Welcome to PacDisco’s Southeast Asia Semester — I am so excited to return to one of my favorite regions in the world and explore it alongside you this fall. My name is Stacey and I will be half of your instructor crew alongside the stellar Beth Farrell. California native, I call Nelson, New Zealand home these days (where normally I… Read more