Top 10 Foods to Try on Your Thailand Program

Thai food is famous all over the world for good reason! On your Thailand Mini Semester, make sure to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some of the local delicacies. When we first arrive in Thailand, we will be immersed in a melting pot of smells and colors - especially in the local markets! The secret to Thai food is the balance between the sweet, sour and salty elements. We will do a cooking course on program to learn more, but every day is truly a food jo… Read more

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Departure Spring 2023

Coping Mechanisms for Life on the Road

Life on the road although incredible can be tough. Here are some tips for coping mechanisms while on your program. If you are contemplating signing up for a program or you’re getting ready to head out on a program, you might be thinking, how in the world am I going to travel FULL TIME with a group of strangers for one to three months of my life?! Further to that, I won’t have my special pillow, my lunchtime latte, or my regular football lessons and I guess my sleep-ins … Read more

Departure Spring 2023

What’s this Gap Year Business All About?

What is a Gap Year? A Gap Year is a blank slate for you to create! A Gap Year is like a tasting platter of the world. It’s the time to go and see what you’re into, and what you want to prioritize moving forward. A Gap Year is time away from studies and work - and the best part is that you design your own brilliant version of what that intermission might look like!  'Gap Year’ might be a bit of a misleading term. It’s not always a year, it could be a semester or a mini … Read more

Departure Spring 2023

What is Experiential Education?

We keep on talking about this idea of experiential education like it’s a really big deal, but what is it?!  Experiential education one of our guiding philosophies - for good reason! This concept is rooted in the idea of learning by doing, followed by facilitated reflection. Experiential education is a shared methodology across many disciplines, from teaching to counseling to outdoor education.  Since 2001, we’ve been taking students on epic overland journeys across the… Read more

On the Ground Highlights and Experiences | Spotlight: Thailand Mini Semester

Our Thailand Mini-Semester is incredibly diverse; from immersing ourselves in Bangkok's bustling mega-city vibes to climbing on the limestone ocean cliff walls of Railay. The mountainous northern jungle of Thailand is populated by minority tribal groups and has stunning national parks, while tropical islands in the south have some of the world’s best beaches and snorkeling spots. From cultural immersion in the mountains to island living, the program is deliberately sta… Read more

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Departure Spring 2023

On the Ground Highlights and Experiences | Spotlight: Costa Rica Mini Semester

This six week mini semester is jam-packed with multi-day adventures through a country rated one of the happiest on earth! You can come and be the judge of why the people are so happy, but this rating probably stems from the laid-back ‘Tico’ vibe, combined with a globally inspiring model of eco-stewardship.  The adventures on the Costa Rica Mini Semester program are for all skill levels and abilities, and will be led by professional guides as you hike, kayak, raft and su… Read more

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Departure Spring 2023

On the Ground Highlights and Experiences | Spotlight: Australia Mini Semester 

On our six-week Australia Mini Semester, we road trip all the way from Sydney to Cairns in this quintessential journey Down Under. Our program instructors drive us up the east coast, taking in diverse landscapes and experiences along the way. We will go canyoning in the ancient chasms of the Blue Mountains, hold a koala on Magnetic Island, boat to the Whitsundays, snorkel on the world’s largest barrier reef, and learn to surf in pristine National Parks. Canyoning in t… Read more

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Departure Spring 2023

On the Ground Highlights and Experiences | Spotlight: Hawaii Mini Semester

Join us on our Hawaii Mini Semester Program for all things surfing and sustainable living. The volcanic island chain of Hawaii is a traveler's dream. The Big Island is rich in culture and community and this program is all about diving in to understand local issues, all while having an epic time along the way. Our endless to-do list includes stargazing from the summit of Mauna Kea, walking on a moonscape of black lava in Volcanoes National Park, roaming a green sand beac… Read more

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Departure Spring 2023

Our Residential Rewilding Program

Want to become a changemaker? On our Residential Rewilding Program you will travel to the heart of the New Zealand wilderness to learn about sustainable living practices and conservation on this unique homesteading gap year program! The pandemic has changed the way we travel, and the way we want to travel. We have taken time to slow down, reflect on our values and act accordingly. The Rewilding Program represents that change. Come and explore one country, with seven wee… Read more

Category New Zealand
Departure Fall 2023

Final Days on Our Fall Australia and Bali Program

Somehow, we have finally reached the final week of the trip. Although the last report didn’t mention this, the typical writers, Bre and Paul, did in fact fall into the volcano we hiked for sunrise. And our only concern was WHO was going to take on this responsibility? We decided on none other than the Captain that always falls asleep, Candace, and the Reporter without a working phone camera, Camille. To start off our last week, we drove up north into the mountains for a… Read more

Departure Fall 2022