What To Do During a Gap Year in 2023

Did you know that the average high school student spends about one-sixth of their total waking hours in the classroom? That's one-sixth of your life spent walking the same hallways, inhaling the same cafeteria smells, and staring longingly out the window at the same scenery. If you aren't eager to chuck your mortarboard into the air and step right into another institution for four years, we can't blame you! The world is much bigger than campus, and this moment might be … Read more

How to Apply to College After a Gap Year

A gap year done right can bring insight and maturity. It can add valuable credits to your resume and make you a more alluring candidate to admission counselors. More and more students fresh out of high school who have taken a gap year, apply to college afterward instead. If you decided to go that route and are now wondering how to apply to college after a gap year, you're in good company! Let's take a look at applying to college after a gap year and planning your colle… Read more

Taking a Gap Year Before Grad School: Should You Do It?

If you remember anything about growing up, you probably remember that nearly everyone has always encouraged you to go to college... and not stop going until you get the perfect job.  It's no secret that to get a higher-paying, professional full-time career, you usually need a degree higher than a bachelor's degree. However, that's not always the case. There are plenty of different paths to take after graduating college that do not mean you're steering away from a succes… Read more

Should I Take a Gap Year Before Medical School?

Taking a gap year during college is becoming more and more mainstream, and is proving to be especially popular and useful for pre-med students. A staggering 44% of medical students chose to take a gap year or two in 2019, according to a survey from the Association of American Medical Colleges. While some reported using this year away from the classroom to work on their medical school applications, others used it to improve their finances, recharge or volunteer abroad, fo… Read more

Why you should consider volunteering abroad on your gap year

Volunteering abroad during a gap year can be a life-changing experience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture, while also giving back to the local community in whatever way you can. All in all, it is usually a transformative experience that has the potential to make a positive impact on someone's life, and when done right, it can help others. How volunteering benefits you on a personal and profession… Read more

How to take a gap year after high school?

By the time you graduate from high school, you have spent an astonishing amount of time in the classroom and even more time studying and doing homework after school hours. No wonder that taking a gap year between high school and college is becoming an increasingly popular decision. But did you know that universities are also actively encouraging students to take a gap year? We’ll tell you all about it, hold on tight! We will walk you through the benefits and the process… Read more

How to take a gap year during college?

Taking a gap year in the middle of getting your degree can seem a bit daunting. You might be worried it could set you behind compared to your friends and other students. However, the benefits of taking a gap year when you need it most, far outweigh the downsides.  Let’s get into things! We will talk you through the possible gains and the process of asking your college for a deferral, before handing you some expert tips for a seamless transition as you go back to college… Read more

12 Epic Gap Year Ideas for Students

Gap years continue to grow in popularity as more and more young adults decide to take a break right after graduating high school or college, or even during college. A gap year is the perfect opportunity to pursue other interests, learn new skills, gain work experience, travel the world and grow as a person. Are you thinking of taking off for a semester or the full 12 months? Get inspired with these gap year ideas that can expand your horizons and change your life! 1. H… Read more

The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

What am I going to do after high school or college? It’s the question on every school leaver's mind. Maybe some of your friends have talked about taking a gap year, and you’re wondering if you could use a break like this as well. Or you are currently weighing up the pros and cons. We have more than 20 years of experience with gap year students and these are the major benefits they keep raving to us about!   What is a gap year?A gap year is a break from study or work th… Read more

Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Contemplating a gap year, but just not sure?  Jenny Nathan, a Boston University Blog Contributor, recently interviewed student alumni Aniko Springsteel. See what she has to say...   Q: Did you know you wanted to take a gap year?   A: Yes, I definitely knew I wanted to travel because I’d loved doing it so much before. Because of what I was planning on studying, it also seemed like it’d be really useful to gain a more global perspective and learn as much about the worl… Read more