Saying goodbye to Thailand and hello to Laos!

Written by Grace and Lucy on our South East Asia program. After the meditation retreat we returned to Chiang Mai for what would be an exciting couple of days! After our arrival, we all participated in a cooking class at “A lot of Thai.” The class was instructed by the founder, Yui: a self- taught Thai chef. She began the class by giving us an informative tour of the produce in a local market. We purchased the traditional Thai food items that Yui uses in her home-cooked ... Read more

The Meditation Retreat, Thailand

Written by Ella and Caroline on our South East Asia program. By the third week of whirlwind travel with a group of 14 that we’d only just met, a meditation retreat sounded like just what we needed. Of course, the excitement of a new country and making new friends hadn't gotten old. By this time the group was ready to reflect and recharge. On the first day, we realized just how relaxed things would be when they outfitted us in comfortable white “pajamas” and encouraged ... Read more

Sawadi-ka! A summary of two weeks in Thailand by Hannah.

Sawadi-ka, which means hello in Thai! There’s your first language lesson, bam! My names Hanna Nordstrom and this is our first two weeks on the Pacific Discovery Southeast Asia trip. Enjoy! As I watched my house disappear driving to the airport, my three dogs stood in the window, watching us back out, eyes wide with sadness, it made my heart split in half. Honest to god, what was I thinking? At 17, I was going to travel across the world for nearly 3 months without ever b... Read more

Instructor intro: Amy Moren-Rees

Meet Amy Hi all, I hope you're looking forward to your up and coming trip to South East Asia! I will be one of your Program Leaders and therefore wanted to introduce myself to you prior to departure. So... I'm Amy! I grew up in both the Danish and Welsh country side, having a parent from each country. Since I was a little girl I have always loved the outdoors, always trying out new sports and adventures. I started out with scouts and swimming. I have always loved campi... Read more

Instructor Intro: Gabrielle Jolly

Hi everyone! My name is Gabrielle, or Gabby for short. I am super excited to join you on this big adventure to South East Asia this Fall! I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada (the great white north eh?) and spent most of my childhood next to the mountains and the ocean. The outdoors has always been a passion of mine, closely followed by travelling. I have spent most of my time exploring the world and dipping my toes in all sorts of career paths. Let’s just say I haven’... Read more

Instructor Intro: Caitlin (Kiki) Neal

Sues-day, travel tribe! My name is Caitlin but I prefer you call me by my “Thai-name", Kiki. I’m excited to introduce myself as one of your program instructors for your upcoming Southeast Asia adventure. Our excursion is approaching quickly and before we know it, we will be exploring ancient, enchanting temples, bobbing through crowded and curiously smelling markets, snorkeling glorious tropical views, biking alongside rice paddy fields, and crawling through vast, myste... Read more

Instructor Intro: Caitlin Dee

Sawasdee Ka! As you celebrate the holidays this month and ring in the New Year, I hope that you all are getting really excited for your Pacific Discovery Spring Semester in Southeast Asia! My name is Caitlin and I’m going to be one of your program instructors during our 10-week adventure, along with my co-instructor, Kiki. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts but I now spend most of my time outside the USA and I feel most at home when I’m on the open road. T... Read more

Dirt and Delirium

Two days in, covered in sweat, mud, leeches, and blood, we rolled into a quiet mountain village greeted with smiles from our friends, inquisitive stares from the locals, and a delicious and much needed lunch. Even though exhaustion might have slightly overshadowed it, the feeling of accomplishment made it so we couldn’t help but smile back. A fast rinse in a pool of a stream left us plenty of time to unload our backpacks and start getting to know the kids who lived there... Read more

'Ohana' in Vietnam

Sisters on our Southeast Asia Semester share their perspective on the group's time in North Vietnam, as the group re-calibrate after two students were dismissed, and the planned student-led section was impacted... Staring out the window on our drive into Hanoi, I took it all in - the flashing lights, the big bridges, the constant honking. We had just gotten off a plane, sat on the floor of the airport waiting for our passports to be checked, and grabbed a quick 10PM din... Read more

Moments of Mindfulness

I wasn’t sure if took a wrong turn up the muddy path and walked into a seance or a romantic proposal set up, until a retreat leader, clothed in the same gauzy white pants and top that I wore, walked through the back door with our cushions. Yes, this was the evening meditation session in Center Hall, the stilted glass box surrounded by thick greenery. Candles flickered in the darkness, giving the space a relaxing and borderline eerie feeling. Under the guidance of a smili... Read more