New Zealand Arrival

All participants on the New Zealand Australia program have safely arrived in Auckland to a sunny 80 degree evening. Everyone is excited to be here, to start the program and to start getting to know their fellow travellers.  The program offically begins tomorrow morning, with a Pacific Ocean swim, picninc breakfast and an extensive program briefing. Kind regards, Scott and Leo Read more

Haiti Earthquake

Family close to the directors of Pacific Discovery have been caught up in the earthquake in Haiti. Director Rachel Sanson is flying over to assist where and if possible. Please bear with us over the coming days if we are a little slower than usual in getting back to you. With thanks for your understanding and patience, The Pacific Discovery Team. Read more

Fantastic finale!

[Hillary] From the rooftop bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we sit and enjoy the moonlight dancing on the water below us; the Brazilian bossanova behind us and the ladder to the partial moon setting the tone for the evening. [Leo] Gazing down at street level, the contrasts with home are obvious – a barge painted with a giant fluro coloured chicken, fake deer grazing on its deck. Closer still, Cambodian couples on motorbikes stare, equally amused at the foreigners looking d… Read more

Program Southeast Asia
Departure Fall 2009

Lucky me!

Lucky me; to start off where the last blog left off – in Halong Bay, is a good thing indeed. Halong Bay was the stuff of dreams – amidst a busy port of hundreds of beautiful junk style boats, our excited group boarded two elaborately beautiful wooden boats owned by brothers. While motoring out to our first stop, we were served an amazing seafood feast, bird-shaped napkins and all (doesn't take much to impress me). The thought emerged "how will they top this next meal?" I… Read more

Program Southeast Asia
Departure Fall 2009

SE Asia adventure!

Greetings from the lovely town of Sapa, Vietnam! SE Asia 2009 is still trekking, moto-touring, river running and experienceing life to its fullest. It has been a while since we posted and we wanted to update you on some of the highlights of our trip. Prior to our arrival in Vietnam 2 days ago, we spent 10 amazing days in Laos. We began in the north in the little town of Luang Nam Tha. The Boatlanding Guesthouse was the perfect place to relax along the riverside and r… Read more

Program Southeast Asia
Departure Fall 2009

Homeward bound

Here's the second and last trip missive - from Singapore airport as it happens so we are winging our way home already...when I last wrote we were staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi which the students enjoyed exploring - streets that sell one thing each - shoe street, tombstone street, shirt street etc - quaint but a bit of a labyrinth and very easy to lose your way! Another early morning start saw us heading to Saigon, where we visited the war remnants museum and the gr… Read more

In Phom Penh

We haven't been in the path of any typhoons, though sadly a lot of people in other areas of Cambodia and in Vietnam have. We did have an extremely wet day in Kampot, though, where we helped to build a simple pole house for a very needy family. We certainly hadn't expected goose bumps in Cambodia, but a few of us had them! And 2 hour's drive away, back at our homestay in Takeo, our washing was happily drying on the line. ( By the way, a few students commented on how much … Read more

Dodged the typhoon

Our Hagley College group sucessfully dodged the recent typhoon that went through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The group were in southern Vietnam, the Mekong Delta, and on the South Coast of Cambodia when the typhoon went through Central Vietnam and North East Cambodia. I phoned the group at their homestay this morning, and heard that it's dry - not even a drop of rain in Takeo. The group are loving Cambodia, spent the day volunteering on the South Coast yesterday, and hea… Read more

Southeast Asia Program - Beginning the adventure!

We've arrived! The adventure begins; wandering the streets of Bangkok, sampling the local cuisine, leaping onto canal boats that don't stop - only slow down, and marveling at a city so grand in its contrasts. Our tour on day two highlighted the life in Bangkok, Thailand, where one fifth of the country's people live, from homeless people sleeping under bridges, to huge malls with Hermes scarves draped decadently on mannequins, to shining golden Wats (temples) exuding a p… Read more

Program Southeast Asia
Departure Fall 2009

Some more memorable moments

The Hagley student group are about to set off for the Mekong Delta to test their cycling legs. Goodbye Saigon. - Tash: A touch of blindness. Did she not SEE the 7-11 lady on the little boat below her as she bombed Halong Bay from the junk roof?? - Ben slept like a baby throughout the water puppet theatre performance. - Louie strolled the aeroplane aisles sporting various whacky but oh-so-cute hairstyles. - TK. First time blood donor. You rock! - Dean summoned by secur… Read more

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