The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

What am I going to do after high school or college? It’s the question on every school leaver's mind. Maybe some of your friends have talked about taking a gap year, and you’re wondering if you could use a break like this as well. Or you are currently weighing up the pros and cons. We have more than 20 years of experience with gap year students and these are the major benefits they keep raving to us about!   What is a gap year?A gap year is a break from study or work th… Read more

Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Contemplating a gap year, but just not sure?  Jenny Nathan, a Boston University Blog Contributor, recently interviewed student alumni Aniko Springsteel. See what she has to say...   Q: Did you know you wanted to take a gap year?   A: Yes, I definitely knew I wanted to travel because I’d loved doing it so much before. Because of what I was planning on studying, it also seemed like it’d be really useful to gain a more global perspective and learn as much about the worl… Read more

Six reasons why NOW is the perfect time to take a gap year

With all the uncertainty that’s facing us today, It’s hard to know which decision will be the right one. Now more than ever is the perfect time to consider alternative options outside of the linear path of education...because let's face it Fall 2020 isn’t going to be how we planned it.  So why not take a Gap Year? It’s an extremely rewarding option AND an option that you will never regret!   If you’re not convinced, here’s six reasons why... 1. Broaden Your Education … Read more