Hear what our students have to say about our programs

My Pacific Discovery trip was absolutely a life-changing experience. I not only had an excellent time and made 13 new best friends, but also gained perspective that changed the way I look at the world. Meeting people from local communities and learning about their way of life has inspired me to think differently about my own life and about those I meet. Coming home from this trip, I am more thoughtful, inquisitive, independent, and mature and will be much better prepared to handle what the future brings.


Emily Bosworth

Polynesian Journey Gap Semester

I had an incredible life changing time on this trip, so much so that I now know for a 100% fact that I HAVE to come back to Australia because of how much I fell in love with this country and this trip! I think that this trip is a phenomenal way, particularly for younger travellers, to be able to experience life abroad in a very educational, safe yet expansive way! I wish I could do this trip again and again because I genuinely don’t think it would ever run out of surprises and fun!


Melissa Burke-Manwaring

Australia College Summer Program 2023

I absolutely adored my time on the Australia / Bali semester with Pacific Discovery. It was a perfect mix of adventure, cultural immersion, service and personal development mixed in with a bit of city time. I have never grown so much as an individual as I did on this trip. I am more confident in myself and my relationships, more independent and ultimately have a better perspective on life and the world. If you’re thinking about doing a PD trip, take the risk and go for it! You won’t regret it.


Sophia Goddard

Australia and Bali Gap Semester Program 2023

If you could sum up your experience in 3 sentences, what would you write? I am more prepared to take on challenges in my life. I will always remember my time in Thailand and how much I have grown because of it. I am grateful for Pacific Discovery’s program for giving me the opportunity to learn through experience.


Dylan Ratner

Thailand College Summer Program 2023

I became more invested in nature and being outdoors. This trip has inspired me to become more aware of how I affect the planet and how I can help change my own life. This trip also helped me overcome my fears and had me try new things I ended up loving.


Jamie Herfort

New Zealand and Australia Gap Semester Program 2023

These past 10 weeks have been the best of my entire life. I never ever would have expected to have gone on this Polynesian Journey, but it was one of, if not the, best decision of my life.” I feel like I have found love for myself and appreciation for the world around me and have been able to see so much more than what I am used to in my bubble back home. I have met so many amazing people. I have met forever friends and genuinely could not have wished for a better experience. I would recommend Pacific Discovery to absolutely everything. If you are trying to find yourself and going to school isn’t what is right for you right now, take this leap of faith. You deserve it and trust me it is worth it.


Sadie Goldman

Polynesian Journey Gap Semester 2023

My experience on this trip changed my life. I’ve become much more confident, happy opening up to people, and have gotten better at dealing with change & struggles in my life. This trip ended up being much more fun than I could have thought, due to the incredible activities and experiences we had, but in my opinion, mostly because of the relationships I formed with my fellow students and my instructors!


Jason Link

South America Gap Semester Program 2022

I feel that I am able to appreciate culture and nature so much more now. This trip made me so much more comfortable making friends and truly being myself. I feel as if I have grown in so many ways from this trip and gained so many connections and experiences. I am way more confident now. Follow the breadcrumbs of life. Never say no to an experience. Don’t be too quick to judge people.


James Campbell

Hawaii Gap Semester Program 2022

I feel like I grew as a person throughout the whole journey. I made amazing friends that allowed me to be my full authentic self. I felt pure happiness throughout the program because I could see myself growing as a person.” I feel more cultured, and confident in my Spanish abilities as well. I gained more travel skills and my ability to navigate new places. Now, I feel more confident traveling to different countries and enduring adventures on my own. Overall, it was a great experience!


Payton Elsaden

The Galapagos Islands High School Summer Program 2022

An amazing journey that fully immerses you into the culture and off the grid for an epic experience of adventure, friends, and learning both about the world and yourself. You get afforded the time to just live and be a human. Freedom to explore the world and yourself in a supportive, loving group. It will change your life.


Maddie Jo Robbins

Costa Rica Mini Semester 2023