**Available for Summer 2021 pending travel and border restrictions. 

Experience an enriching month in Thailand with one week of volunteer service work and three weeks of amazing educational adventure travel

Immerse yourself in elephant conservation volunteer work at the award-winning Elephant Nature Foundation. Discover Thailand’s fascinating cities and culture. Explore incredible jungle, islands and beaches. Gain skills with lessons in Buddhist meditation, Thai cooking, Yoga, Muay Thai, rock climbing, caving and scuba diving. Join us on a journey to the heart of Thailand for a pivotal summer abroad.

Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia not colonized by Europeans during the 16th - 18th Centuries.  The monarchy is strong and the King is revered for his social reforms. People are well educated and, as the country moves rapidly into the 21st century, are embracing global culture without discarding their own rich traditions.  Most Thais are Buddhist and it is expected that all men will spend some time as a Buddhist monk during their lives. It is wonderful to contrast the mega-city bustle and excitement of Bangkok with relaxed and friendly provincial towns and villages.  The country is geographically diverse – the mountainous jungle clad north is populated by numerous minority tribal groups and has stunning national parks, while tropical islands in the south have some of the world’s best beaches, snorkeling and diving. Thailand is an immensely popular travel destination. Travelling with us you’ll have the chance to taste a less-touristed slice of Thailand, and experience what makes it so popular.

This summer abroad program is suitable for high school graduates, gap year students, university students and graduates, ideally 18 – 24 years. Optional transferable academic credit is available on this program.

This program can be combined with Fall or Spring semester program options in other regions of the world (Nepal & Tibet, South America, Central America, New Zealand & Australia) for an in-depth and enriching global gap year.

  • Rewarding week-long conservation service-learning project working with elephants at the award-winning Elephant Nature Park
  • 2-day rock-climbing and caving adventure (no experience needed)
  • 3-days hiking, tubing and boating in the amazing jungle, rivers and lakes of Khao Sok National Park
  • Overnight hiking trip to stay in a traditional ethnic minority village
  • Exploring spectacular Railae Peninsula
  • Snorkeling in the Andaman Sea
  • Historical Sukhothai and its superb temples and monuments
  • Thailand’s kaleidoscopic markets and temples
  • Thai cooking course and Muay Thai (Thai Martial Art) class
  • 3-day Buddhist meditation retreat run by Thai Monks
  • Informal lectures and discussions on history, culture, society and environment
  • Very personalized and supportive small group experience – maximum 14 students
  • Two experienced and inspiring Pacific Discovery Program Instructors supported by local guides

Day 1-3. Bangkok, Thailand Arrival and Orientation

On arrival in booming, mega-city Bangkok, you’ll be met by your Program Instructors and transferred to our group accommodation. We begin our orientation and immerse ourselves in the kaleidoscope of new sensory stimulus. While here we traverse the city visiting temples, markets and getting a real sense of all the contrasts Bangkok offers before finishing up with a traditional Thai massage to loosen those jetlagged muscles.

Day 4-5. Sukhothai

Departing Bangkok we take the Northern Train Line to Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site, famous for its ancient temples. 1000 years ago, Sukhothai was the capital of Thailand. Today it is a tranquil riverside town. We explore the complex of temple ruins by bicycle before continuing north by minivan, to Chiang Mai.

Day 6-7. Rock-climbing and Caving

After a refreshing night in Chiang Mai we head into the country side and spend two days learning climbing, rappelling and caving, overnighting in a small rural village and visiting nearby hot springs and waterfalls. We'll also start work on key Thai words and phrases and put these to use at the local market.

Day 8-12. Elephant Conservation

Based from our comfortable guesthouse in Chiang Mai, we cram these days with a variety of activities…an overnight Buddhist mediation retreat run by monks from Wat Suan Dok; a traditional Thai cooking course; an ‘Amazing Race’ around Chiang Mai; an intro to yoga and mindfulness; a Muay Thai (Thai martial art) lesson run by a Thai national champion. There’s also time to trawl Chiang Mai’s amazing night markets and food stalls.

Day 13-15. Trekking in Pai

We embark on an overnight trekking trip through teak and bamboo forest to stay in an ethnic minority village near the Thai-Burma border. You’ll gain insight into traditional tribal village life. On our return from trekking we will stay overnight Pai, a relaxing town nestled in a forested valley.

Day 16-18. Meditation Retreat

3 days of reflection and insight at a peaceful Buddhist Meditation Retreat taught by a Thai monk.

Day 19-20. Chiang Mai

Based from our comfortable guesthouse in Chiang Mai, we cram these days with a variety of activities…a traditional Thai cooking course; an ‘Amazing Race’ around Chiang Mai; a Muay Thai (Thai martial art) lesson run by a Thai national champion. There’s also time to trawl Chiang Mai’s amazing night markets and food stalls.

Days 21-24. Khao Sok National Park

We fly from Bangkok to Southern Thailand and travel overland to Khao Sok National Park. Based from a jungle lodge we spend three days hiking, kayaking and exploring this amazing jungle environment. Khao Sok National Park is a remnant of the oldest and most diverse rainforest in the world, and is home to the largest flower in the world, a carnivorous species with a diameter measuring 2-3 feet!

Days 25-29. Island Life

From Khao Sok we travel by road to Krabi, then leap aboard a longtail boat for the fun trip to Railae Beach. Railae is a peninsula on the mainland only accessible by boat, surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs, dense jungle and the clear emerald waters of the Andaman Sea. This is a world-class area for rock climbing, snorkeling and diving. We settle in to private beach homes for a few days of relaxation and reflection. One day we go snorkeling, where you can see colorful soft and hard corals and an astounding diversity of fish. Another day we have a choice of options including sea kayaking or rock-climbing. There’s time for relaxing on the beach, swimming, and reminiscing about our adventures. On our final day we return to Bangkok.

Day 30. Bangkok and Program Conclusion

Today we sadly farewell our group mates and this wonderful country. We depart Bangkok for home having had an unforgettable month in the ‘land of smiles’.

Note: Each week there will be some designated free time in a town or city so that you can catch up on email and laundry, relax and explore independently with others in the group.

Summer Dates 2 Jul - 31 Jul, 2021
Duration 30 days
(plus independent extension options)

Program Tuition $6,850 USD Estimated Flight Cost $1,200 USD
Availability Open
Group Size 14 Students & 2 Instructors Ages 18 - 24 ideal
Optional College Credit Yes Start/Finish Chiang Mai / Bangkok, Thailand
(we assist with flight arrangements)