Over the past two weeks, one of the best experiences has been trying all of the different foods Thailand has to offer. We wanted to share with you some of our favorites! Whether you’re traveling through Thailand or just looking for a new recipe to try at home, we have you covered. Check out these delicious dishes!


1. Yum Som-O (Pomelo Salad)

Thai pomelo salad, or Yum Som-O, is a fruit-based salad. The main ingredient is pomelo, which is a fruit that looks like a grapefruit but is much larger. The pomelo is broken into small pieces and mixed with shredded coconut, peanuts, dried shrimp, shallots, mint, and some lemongrass. Drizzled over the salad is a sauce made of Thai chilies, palm sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce. One can eat this salad as an appetizer or as a side. The sweetness of the pomelo and the saltiness of the peanuts and dried shrimp give the salad a perfect blend and sweet and salty.


2. Nam Phrik Ong

Nam Phrik Ong has been a favorite meal so far. We first tried it at lunch while volunteering with the organization Daughters Rising. It is a tomato-based dish with ground pork and cilantro served over rice with a strong spicy pepper seasoning. we also had dragon fruit and garden-grown vegetables served on the side. It was absolutely wonderful!


3. Scorpion On a Stick

One of the most interesting foods we have found here in Thailand was scorpion. It is sold from street food vendors. It was surprising that it was so good. The claws and legs were crunchy and not great, but the body was actually really good. The scorpion was fried whole and sprayed in soy sauce. It was overall a pleasant surprise and overall would rate it a 6.5/10.


4. Little Pancakes

A popular street food in Thailand are mini pancakes. I was able to find a stand in Bangkok and try them for the first time. They have a flat heated hot plate where they pour their batter to make many pancakes at once. There are three different size cups inside which they put plenty of mini pancakes. Afterward, you’re given a selection of many different sauces to put on top. Examples include chocolate sauce, strawberry, marshmallow, blueberry, etc. I put syrup on mine and kept it classic. It tasted just like a pancake, but a tad sweeter. It was very easy to eat the whole cup quickly because it’s like snack food, but a dessert. Pancakes tend to be my favorite breakfast food, so I was glad to find a dessert stand with tons of mini ones. 


5. Spicy Seafood Fried Noodle

Egg noodle with shrimp, scallops, and squid. Also includes a fried egg and some vegetables. The noodles were so soft with the perfect amount of spice for a kick. The seafood gave it so much flavor! Found in a small restaurant in Bangkok that Art showed us. I forget the name, but I will never forget this dish!


6. Papaya Salad

A favoirite food here in Thaland is papaya salad. It is made out of green papaya, beans, basil, dressing, and chilis. Watch out! Even though it is made from fruit, this one can get spicy if you’re not careful! It is often a lunch dish or a side with dinner. We highly recommend!


7. Mango Sticky rice

We had mango sticky rice many times and it was always delicious! It is rice with coconut milk on top and slices of mango on the side. A refreshing and tasty dessert! 


8. Pad Thai

Pad thai has been my favorite dish so far in Thailand. This dish is made of stir fried egg noodles with eggs, veggies, tofu. These ingredients are stir fried in a wok and a sauce of tamarind, garlic, red chili flakes and brown sugar is added.  Usually there are crushed peanuts served on the side or on top which adds a nutty flavor. It’s not typically a very spicy dish but you can add more chili flakes to increase the spice.


9. Samosas

We had Thai samosas at the Mae Win Guest House. Filled with veggies and potatoes, they were the perfect light and crispy snack after a long day of work!


10. Chicken Skewers

And finally, our last favorite food has been chicken skewers. We had this at Mae Win Guesthouse paired with a cucumber mix and papaya salad. The papaya salad is nutty and sweet and the chicken skewers are super yummy. It was an incredible meal!

Written by the PD Thailand Summer crew

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