Pai – an unexpectedly magical place written by Ashton, Thailand Summer 19

I’m sitting in Art in Chai, a cafe in Pai, reflecting on my time spent in the most beautiful, groovy city I’ve ever been. I feel like this town was built for me and has been waiting for me to stumble upon it.

Down every street you can find a small bar or cafe with live music and an inviting atmosphere. There is a hostel and restaurant next door to our hotel called The Jazz House. It has an open patio area and hammocks hanging everywhere. I went there during the day to read, and it was one of the most peaceful moments I’ve experienced on the trip thus far. I went back there again with our whole group for dinner and live music. The girl performing was incredible. Her voice was so powerful and full of soul, I could have sat there and listened all night.

While in Pai, we visited several of the tourist attractions that the town is known for. We took a sung-tail out of town to several nearby attractions. My favorite  stop was the bamboo bridge which walked over rice fields and wrapped around green hills. The luscious mountains stood tall around us and farmers worked in the fields on either side of the walking path.

Pai was such an unexpectedly magical place. I could have spent hours in the coffee shops and days exploring the canyon, waterfalls, and hot springs surrounding the town. Pai means “escape,” and I will come back to this hidden oasis someday.

Written by Ashton

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