Instructor intro: Sophia Allen

Meet Sophia

Hello everyone! My name is Sophia, but you can call me Soph. I'm tremendously excited to journey with you this fall (or spring in the Southern Hemisphere)  in the Australia/New Zealand Program. 

I love exploring our beautiful world and connecting with different cultures. I am originally from the lush Appalachian Mountains of the United States but I have lived in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and Central and South America. 

As far as experience goes, I have been working in Outdoor Education for ten years, and I am always blown away by the immense life lessons that can be discovered through traveling, and learning from others.

My favorite ways to explore the outdoors are through kayaking and backpacking. 

I 'm happiest being on water and kayaking always reminds me to go with the flow. Backpacking gives me time in the wilderness to renew and shows me the power of taking one step at a time.

After living in Australia and New Zealand, I was inspired by the vast natural environments of both Countries. It will be spectacular to return and journey with our team through both Countries and experience the humbling immensity that the land exudes. 

This fall is going to hold amazing adventures and I cannot wait to share them with you. 

See you soon in Brisbane! 


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