Instructor Intro: Caleb Lovell

Meet Caleb

Hello! My name is Caleb, and I will be one of your instructors joining you as we embark on the adventures of a lifetime next month on your Fall Nepal and Tibet Gap Year Semester Program! I am very stoked to meet each of you and begin this journey together. 

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share a little backstory, I was born in the USA, then moved with my family to Australia where I spent the second half of my childhood, and teenage years. I moved back to Colorado in the USA five years ago, and have been traveling the world from my home base here in the Rocky Mountains. Since I was a kid I’ve loved learning new skills and embarking on adventures! In my recent years the outdoors have proven to be the best place to marry those loves. These days you’ll find me hiking, climbing, slacklining, trail running, and backpacking as much as I can. If that all gets too much, I love to relax by sitting and playing music, another big passion of mine. 

For the better part of last year I embarked on a solo trip around the world. I was opened up to so many beautiful experiences, through connecting with people, engaging with vastly different cultures, and discovering many new things about my self. 

I believe some of the most meaningful things happen when we engage the unknown, engage with people, engage with the outdoors, and engage the challenges that come our way. I have a great passion for doing life alongside people and growing together through adventure! 

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