Ready for adventure? Travel and volunteer on our epic Mid Teen Summer Programs!

Students have an unforgettably fun and action-packed summer on our Mid Teen programs! The 2-3 week programs are also an overland journey of discovery, where participants are immersed in a facilitated environment and learn new skills. Our 2 week programs are a short-haul flight from home, whereas the 3 week programs take a little more effort to get to and we stay slightly longer to make the most of our time.

Programs combine adventure and service learning steeped in the concept of experiential education. This means that after each exciting adrenaline-filled activity or immersive cultural component, the group undertakes meaningful reflections on the experience together. From this, students organically acquire a huge amount of self-confidence and resilience throughout the program.

Ethical travel is a hallmark lesson for the students who travel with us. Pacific Discovery’s ultimate goal is to help generate responsible global citizens. We strive to add value to communities and the conservation world while traveling ethically across the globe. At the completion of each program, students receive a Certificate of Completed Service Hours specific to the program. Pacific Discovery's select range of Mid Teen summer programs are the ideal college entrance booster, marking a confident and resilient global citizen.

Mid Teen programs are designed for students ages 14-17. For many, this could be their first time traveling outside of their country or hometown, taking part in community service, and/or traveling independently from their parents. With that in mind, our Mid Teens are supervised by experienced instructors throughout the program that help ease students into experiential travel within a supportive group of peers, all the while creating amazing memories through fun, cultural immersion, and service learning. From chaperoning the group from the hub city airport to program and back, our instructors are with them every step of the way!

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Caribbean High School Summer Program

✓ Experience a new culture but stay close to home
✓ Make a positive difference to marginalised communities
✓ Snorkel in crystal-clear waters, spotting vibrant marine life and coral reefs
✓ Explore the mountains, hike, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Cordillera Central
✓ Improve your Spanish language skills

Program Tuition $4,950 USD
Availability Open

Australia Mid Teen Summer Program | 3 week

✓ Want to road trip up the iconic east coast with a group of friends
✓ Are interested in environmental activism and climate change solutions
✓ Love adventures and trying new things like surfing, canyoning, canoeing, and snorkeling
✓ Want to do environmental service-learning in National Parks
✓ Want to receive a Certificate of Completed Service Hours to add to your resume

Program Tuition $0 USD
Availability Open

Costa Rica Mid Teen Summer Program | 2 week

Surf The Breaks In Uvita On An Exploration Of Costa Rica’s Sustainability Movements

✓ Want hands-on wildlife experience
✓ Want to surf on the Pacific Coast and laugh with new friends
✓ See yourself hiking in a beautiful Cloud Forest
✓ Are interested in environmental sustainability and conservation
✓ Want to receive a Certificate of Completed Service Hours to add to your resume

Summer Dates 22 Jul - 5 Aug, 2024

Program Tuition $4,950 USD
Availability Open

Fiji and Vanuatu Mid Teen Summer Program

✓ Want to travel with an incredible group of new friends!
✓ Are keen to get hands-on service experience in grassroots community development
✓ Want to island-hop across Pacific Island Nations
✓ Love the beach!
✓ Want to get immersed in local Fijian and Vanuatu culture
✓ Enjoy outdoors activities like snorkeling, day hikes, kayaking and rafting
✓ Want to receive a Certificate of Completed Service Hours to add to your resume

Program Tuition $0 USD
Availability Open

Thailand Mid Teen Summer Program | 3 week

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey from Northern Hills to Southern Shores!

✓ Want to get hands-on experience in elephant and wildlife conservation
✓ Are interested in experiencing new foods and cultures
✓ Love to do outdoor adventures like hiking, tubing, and snorkeling
✓ Want to take climbing lessons on the limestone cliffs of Railay
✓ Want to receive a Certificate of Completed Service Hours to add to your resume

Summer Dates 11 Jul - 31 Jul, 2024

Program Tuition $6,550 USD
Availability Open