Pacific Discovery Summer Programs are designed to be an intense and immersive insight into a country or region. You’ll be inspired by new perspectives, forge wonderful friendships, and gain experience and skills that will be with you for life.

Our programs are based on the concept of experiential education, and blend cultural immersion, personal and leadership development, volunteer and community service projects, ecotourism and sustainability focus.

They provide opportunities for meaningful connections with local people, pushing personal boundaries, and gaining knowledge of a country or region’s history, societies and environments, facilitated by our knowledgeable program leaders.

If you are looking for an experience that challenges you, broadens your horizons, and merges cultural insights and environmental sensitivity with fun and adventure – come and explore with us!

Our educational travel programs are suitable for high school graduates, gap year students, college students and graduates, ideally 18-24 years. Optional transferable academic credit is available on all programs.

We offer summer programs in: Australia, New Zealand & Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia, India, Cuba, Ecuador & Galapagos, and Peru.

Josh, warming up to outdoor life in Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

“I had the most amazing experience of my life on this trip! I loved exploring new cities, battling through challenging expeditions, and giving back during the volunteer weeks. However, what I will take away most from this trip is the incredibly close-knit group, many of whom will become lifelong friends.” Josh Swartz, 2010
Middlebury College

Australia Summer Program

An experiential journey traversing Australia's East Coast with conservation focused volunteer service projects

An incredible month travelling the East Coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns - participating in conservation initiatives in national parks; exploring the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Fraser Island, and the Blue mountains; learning to surf, snorkeling coral reefs, hiking coastal trails; experiencing vibrant Sydney, Byron Bay and Cairns.

Summer Dates 3 Jul - 1 Aug, 2017
1 - 30Jul, 2018

Program Tuition $6,350 USD
Availability Open

Ecuador and Galapagos Summer Program

Cultural immersion, service learning and adventure travel, in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

An awe-inspiring month in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands! Get involved in a community-initiated service learning project and immerse yourself in life in an Andean village. Hike, bike and zip-line through the Andes and raft in the Amazon Basin. Follow in Darwin’s footsteps island-hopping through the Galapagos and having amazing wildlife encounters.

Summer Dates 29 Jun - 28 Jul, 2018

Program Tuition $6,350 USD
Availability Open

Thailand Summer Program

Volunteering with elephants, cultural immersion and adventure travel in Thailand

Experience an enriching month in Thailand with one week of volunteer service-learning and three weeks of amazing educational adventure travel. Immerse yourself in elephant conservation volunteering at the award-winning Elephant Nature Foundation. Discover Thailand’s fascinating cities and culture. Explore incredible jungle, islands and beaches. Gain skills with lessons in Buddhist meditation, Thai cooking, yoga, Muay Thai, rock climbing, caving, hiking, and snorkeling. Join us on a journey through Thailand and a pivotal summer abroad.

Summer Dates 3 Jul - 1 Aug, 2017
27 Jun - 24 Jul, 2018

Program Tuition $5,950 USD
Availability Open

Instructor Course

Gain the confidence, knowledge, skills, and experience to instruct student groups abroad

This month-long overland journey through Southeast Asia equips you to facilitate international programs abroad. With an in-depth exploration of student development, travel management, global leadership education, wilderness expedition, cultural immersion, service-learning, and safety management, you will walk away a confident and savvy international educator.

Summer Dates 5 Jul - 7 Aug, 2017
4 Jul - 6 Aug, 2018

Program Tuition $5,950 USD
Availability Open

New Zealand and Fiji Summer Program

Conservation volunteering, cultural immersion and adventure travel through New Zealand and the Yasawa Islands of Fiji

A month immersion in New Zealand and Fiji's incredible environments and unique cultures - with two weeks of volunteer conservation projects in New Zealand’s national parks and wildlife reserves, and two weeks of insight and adventure travel as we road-trip through New Zealand and explore the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

Summer Dates 1 - 31Jul, 2018

Program Tuition $6,350 USD
Availability Open

Peru Summer Program

Cultural immersion, service learning and adventure travel in Peru

Immerse yourself in Spanish and experience Peru’s incredible cultural and environmental diversity. This program combines a week of conservation focused service-learning and three weeks of amazing educational adventure travel - you'll trek an Inca trail to Machu Picchu, explore the Amazon while on expedition in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, connect with the rhythms of rural life during a community stay on the shores of Lake Titicaca, wander ancient plazas and markets in Cusco and Arequipa, visit the mysterious Nazca Lines, and try sandboarding at Huacachina.

Summer Dates 17 Jul - 16 Aug, 2018

Program Tuition $6,350 USD
Availability Open