Pacific Discovery Service Learning Programs are designed to be more focused than our other programs in terms of dedication and education around the Service Learning Industry.

The global service-learning industry is growing rapidly, yet it is becoming very clear that many projects that do not have clear long term goals or collaborate well with communities, which can be detrimental and exploitative. 


If we are to truly make a difference, a foundation of ethics, welfare and cultural understanding must underpin all service-learning activities to ensure they are worthwhile for all involved.


So how do you maximise the impact you can have when volunteering? First, you must learn about the communities themselves, then apply best practice so you can most effectively create change.

Our Semester and Summer Programs offer a great insight into a range of Service Learning, whilst also immersing students in adventure travel, cultural immersion, wilderness exploration and personal development. 

Our Service Learning Programs offer a more focused experience, introducing different ways for you to travel and make an impact. The ways we can all help to make an impact are endless, but a journey of discovery starts with a single step, so let that step be a carefully planned and constructive decision.

See below for the current Service Learning Programs we offer: 

Australia Recovery Program

Bushfire Recovery Aid - Wildlife - Community - Environment

This special 4-week program has been developed by our team and our collaborative partners in Australia to provide disaster recovery services after the devastating bushfires that raged through Australia.

The program will have three factors of service work; an environmental project, a community-based project and a wildlife focused project. Your service work in these areas will make a huge difference to a small community and will earn you a 75-hour Certificate of Service Learning.

Summer Dates 1 Jul - 30 Jul, 2021

Program Tuition $5,325 USD
Availability Open

Cambodia Service Learning Leadership Program

Authentic travel with real purpose

This Cambodian program has been created to educate individuals looking to learn more about ethical and sustainable volunteering, those looking to gain employment in the sector. Let us help you arm yourself with the right skills to ensure your impact as a volunteer or potential employee of the service learning industry is positive and future-focused.

Summer Dates 30 Jun - 1 Aug, 2021

Program Tuition $6,350 USD
Availability Open