Meredith Walker’s Cambodia highlight. Vietnam/Cambodia Summer Program. July 2013

It was hard to believe that the month was half over as we moved into the service portion of our program. While many of us were enthusiastic to begin this new chapter and get a new perspective on life in Cambodia, others were a little apprehensive about stepping away from the luxury of hotels. Still, everyone was happy to know that we would be helping… Read more

Sapa to Saigon. Vietnam/Cambodia Summer Program, July 2013. By Chris Frank

Vietnam has been an amazing experience for us all. After Sapa and our time with the highland people we spent three days on a traditional boat, known as a junk, in Halong Bay. An amazing place and easily one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. Accompanying us on this boat was our local guide Kung. An incredibly fun guy, Kung taught us… Read more

Sapa adventures, by Kanani Goodwin. Vietnam Cambodia Program. July 2013

I have yet to be disappointed by Vietnam and its culture. Meeting the people seems to be one of the many highlights of this trip allowing us a better understanding of the culture. After a grueling bike ride out of Sapa up what felt like a mountain, we came to a village, Ta Phin, where we were given a tour. They brought us to a… Read more

Farewell to Saigon and SE Asia

Just one night to go before our group flies home to their¬†soft beds, their favourite pizzas, their boyfriends..or whatever it is they are most craving. In Alex's case it's the 11 shower heads in her bathroom. I hope she doesn't drown!! ¬† The last part of the trip seemed to go very quickly, as is so often the case. We've compared Hanoi to Saigon, and… Read more

Vietnam is da BOMB!

Hey all, This is Alex Woodcock and I am currently on the Vietnam summer trip and having the time of my life! Been avoiding getting hit by crazy little vietnamese dudes on motos, jumping off junks, and making friends for life! Just some amazing memories to talk about: 1. Night trains (you really don’t sleep on them) – a sleeping pill is advised. 2. Hannah… Read more

Catba Island volunteers’ close encounters

Our group weren't lucky enough to spot any Catba Langurs, but they're all sporting 'Save the Catba Langur' t-shirts. And hopefully the signs they painted and helped place will contribute to a decrease in people entering the areas within the national park where the remaing 60 to 70 of this species live. It is certainly not a magic solution, but a step along the way… Read more


Thought I’d better do another blog entry because it may be the last chance I get. Ever. We’re just heading out to a Karaoke bar across the road from our guesthouse and I’m not sure that we’ll be allowed out alive. If only more parents sent their children to singing lessons… Here are a few noteworthy morsels. Alex: As the tracks got steeper and muddier… Read more

Mud glorious mud!

Our group have just returned from the muddiest trek they’ve ever done, from near Sapa (northern hill town) down to the little village of Thanh Phu. Unfortunately the much looked forward to swim in a warm spring In Ban Ho, our lunch stop on the way, was thwarted by an earlier landslide. But at least the monsoon rain was warm !! And to think that… Read more

Vietnam Program highlights

We are in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, and all is good. I am writing this while the rest of the group are off at the water park – the curse of my job. We have been here for one night and it has been quite an experience after arriving from Hoi An. We went from a small town, with World Heritage status to… Read more

Vietnam Summer Program: Cat Ba National Park & Halong Bay

Owen belatedly joined the group and has fitted in easily – like he has always been here. Our small group is great, relaxed, easy going, inquisitive and always up for a challenge. After picking up Owen in Hanoi we made our way to Cat Ba Island, northeast of Hanoi and situated within Halong Bay. We were met by Mr Hack, a good guy working with… Read more