Discover: Krabi

Pining for adventure? Venture with us into the blue waters of Thailand–the latest installment from Macala Elliott, our Digital Media Intern, on our Southeast Asia Semester. As she aptly quotes, “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

Discover: Vietnam

Since departing New Zealand, Macala hopped several planes to join our Southeast Asia Semester. Discover Vietnam through her eyes as students ventured through the surreal beauty of Cát Bà Island.  

Fresh eyes

Sleep is refreshing. When consumed by daily life, sleep can sometimes be the only way to put the mind at ease. We worry, we sleep, we wake up anew. But when living our mundane lives, do we really wake up anew? On my journey to Southeast Asia, however, sleep really does bring a new beginning. My blog begins in a quiet city along the mighty… Read more

From the mountaintop

In a remote village in the mountains, our group arrived for two full days of intensive Buddhist meditation. We began with discarding our old clothes and donning an all white set. This symbolized the beginning of our spiritual journey and the purifying (white) we would do. Our training monk introduced us to the ancient tradition of Buddhist meditation in Thailand with a late-night session. Our days… Read more

Meditation Speculation

One of the most unexpected challenges I experienced so far on our Southeast Asia Semester was been the meditation retreat. Prior to the retreat, I was under the assumption that this would be something to my liking-I mean how could it not be since I regularly practice yoga and I’ve gone to a couple group meditations, ya’know? I suppose you could say I was expecting… Read more

Inspiring Change Against All Odds

As we departed Chiang Mai and rode into the mountains, we saw a vastly different side of Thailand than what we had previously. We had recently visited Sukhothai, the ancient Thai capital, along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai, two bustling and growing cities. We were now seeing a more rural, traditional side of the country… and it was this lesser known part of Thailand that… Read more

Caves, Climbs, and Courage, Oh My!

We head to Crazy Horse Buttress, a rock climbing and caving area outside of Chiang Mai, with equal parts excitement and trepidation. After being introduced to our guides, Gee and Bus, we split  into two groups. Outfitted with our climbing gear, our team sets out hiking to a set of limestone walls and cliffs where the guides teach us to belay and climb. We spend the… Read more

A day in the life – Southeast Asia Style

We awake in the town of Sukothai. Sleepily, the group packs their bags and gathers around the table where we are served either yogurt or eggs. Some  slept better than others, all are excited for the travel to come in the next few days. Before long, we pack ourselves like sardines into a pair of vans and hit the road to Chiang Mai. The drive is long… Read more

First Impressions – Southeast Asia Semester Program

 Walking through the streets of Bangkok to get a massage, my first impression of Thailand was one of vibrancy, color, and  chaos. There is a great contrast in the city: huge skyscrapers and tiny shacks; small  lively restaurants, concrete buildings undergoing construction, and wonderfully ornate temples. Stalls line the bustling streets where locals sell all types of street food, some of which I certainly wouldn’t… Read more

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