‘Ohana’ in Vietnam

Sisters on our Southeast Asia Semester share their perspective on the group’s time in North Vietnam, as the group re-calibrate after two students were dismissed, and the planned student-led section was impacted…   Staring out the window on our drive into Hanoi, I took it all in – the flashing lights, the big bridges, the constant honking. We had just gotten off a plane, sat… Read more

Only A Smile To Communicate 

Have you ever wondered how much a smile means? Or how it can affect someone’s life? A smile across any culture and language can bring people together.   Meet Pa Cho. This sweet little girl is a prime example of how little one needs to be happy. The second we got to the village after a long day of hiking, I noticed her running towards… Read more

The Gental Giants of ENP

As we drove along the rocky and dusty roads of Chang Mai on our way to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), we passed by many gentle giants with hundreds of pounds of equipment tearing at their backs. I took long deep breaths as we passed these elephants – relieved to hear this was not going to be our experience with elephants for the coming week…. Read more

Exploring Old Sukothai

Hey guys! I’m Miles, and as team team captain for the week, I decided to make this video for the blog. It’s a snapshot into our day exploring Old Sukhothai, the ancient capital of the Siam empire. We got to ride around on bikes and walk through the temple ruins. Rich with culture and history, our trip to Old Sukhothai was certainly memorable. Hope you… Read more

Instructor Intro: Caitlin Neal

Sin chao travel tribe! (That’s ‘Hi’ in Vietnam) My name is Caitlin and I’m excited to introduce myself as one of the program instructors for your upcoming Southeast Asia adventure. Our excursion is quickly approaching and soon we will be exploring enchanting temples, snorkeling tropical waters, biking alongside rice paddy fields, and crawling through mysterious dwellings within the earth. I should warn you now, I’ll… Read more

Instructor Intro: Devin Perno

Hello Everyone! My name is Devin and I will be one of your instructors for our upcoming adventure extravaganza around Southeast Asia! I am super excited to start this trip  and share some wonderful experiences with you. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to start learning, growing, exploring, and trying new things across our expedition. I just wanted to take this moment… Read more