A few moments from Cuyabeno Wildlife Sanctuary

The river skips past as we careen around a corner in the motor canoe. Suddenly our guide jumps to his feet, calling “monkeys!” The driver cuts the engine and we drift toward the forested bank. In the sudden absence of the motor’s roar, I hear the chirping of crickets, the wailing call of hidden birds, and finally, a telltale rustling in the branches. We gasp… Read more

Memories in Agato

As we are reaching the final weeks of our journey through South America, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on our experiences and the adventures that we have accomplished. From hiking into the mountains of Machu Piccu, to rappelling down waterfalls in the Amazon jungle, we have all helped each other grow in numerous ways. The laughs, memories, and friendships that have formed… Read more

Kayaking in Quilotoa

On October 21, our group kayaked in the Quilotoa volcanic crater located in Ecuador.  The volcanic crater was filled with deep blue water and the mountains surrounding the crater were filled with different plants. We grouped into pairs for kayaking; Celia and Stephen, Griffin and Lexi, Jack and Sam, Abby and Elle, Lee and Alexander and me with Aidan. When we entered the water in… Read more

Lake Titicaca – Photo Journal

Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We stayed in homestays at Llachon, a small Quechua community overlooking the lake. This was the view from our homestay. The Llachon community uses much of their farmland to grow potatoes. They also own pigs, sheep, donkeys, and chickens. Here is the view from our hike. In the distance, you can see… Read more

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Cusqueno Tales

On Friday evening, we coasted into Cusco for our first night in the sprawling city. Our hostel, Wara Wara, had beautiful views of the city and a cozy feel. Dinner was had at the hostel, and we settled into our rooms in preparation for a long day. The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast prepared by the hostel owners. Then, we were released into… Read more

Discover: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

This is the first AMAZING photo-journal post this season from the talented Pacific Discovery media intern, Macala Elliott, who will be travelling with our South America and Central America program groups this semester. “Whenever we take the focus off ourselves and move it outward, we benefit. Life’s most fortunate ironies are that what’s best for the long run is best now, and selflessness serves our… Read more

Journey Up the Winding Road

My hands caught a chill as I gripped the metal bars of the truck we stood upon but moving them was far from an option as my body violently swayed back and forth. The dirt road ahead seemed to weave on forever — switchback after switchback. Slowly the half constructed buildings melted away and were replaced by fields of potatoes and greens. Men and women… Read more

Instructor Intro: Lee Neale

My name is Lee and I will be one of your instructors on our South America Fall Semester, along with Erin. Our adventure is quickly approaching and I wanted to introduce myself before we all come together in Lima. Since I was very young, I’ve dreamed of exploring foreign lands, speaking new languages and eating exotic foods. I’ve been lucky enough to combine my love of travel… Read more

Instructor Intro: Erin Peacock

Hola everyone! I am thrilled to be joining you all on this adventure to wonderful Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos where we will learn, grow, expand, evolve, and discover things about each other and ourselves that we can’t even imagine! I am originally from the northeastern part of the US, but have been exploring the world for the past six years, living and traveling for work… Read more