Trouble in Paradise

Our first taste of New Zealand took my breath away; well maybe not the very first taste. After a long day of plane travel and grocery shopping we arrived at the campsite in the pitch black and set our tents up like the veteran campers we’ve grown to be. But emerging from the little yellow tent into a world of beautiful wide blues and greens,… Read more

Permaculture in Action at The Crossing

The Crossing was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Permaculture is a lifestyle centred around the design of the natural ecosystem in which the society is in, that allows for a more sustainable and ecological way of life. Each part of the design must have at least 3 reasons for its manifestation. Dean and Annette Turner, founders of The Crossing, welcomed us… Read more

A brief bio on the amazing Echidna

One of the oldest mammals on earth, the Echidna (E-KID-NA), are also one of the three species of mammal that lay eggs. Differing greatly from many of the later-formed sexual relationships of most mammals (for example female quolls gain much weight and fat tissue around their necks, so that the males may bite their necks and hold them in place); the female echidna is the… Read more

Whanganui (pron ‘funganooey’)

Saying I wasn’t excited to go on the Whanganui river excursion was an understatement. I didn’t even care enough to learn how to pronounce Whanganui (the name of the river we would be spending the next 48 hours on.) My instructor Karlee had to correct me when I called it the “wanguhnooey”, when its actually pronounced “funganooey.” I was feeling particularly homesick. I was, as… Read more

Surfing Musings

I’m writing this journal from my favorite spot here at surf camp, which is Erik’s hammock, facing towers the woods, listening to Alyssa shred the Ukulele. The clouds are blocking the sun making it the perfect temperature, and I covered myself in poison so the bugs are leaving me alone. Honestly I’m loving surf camp, and I’m definitely as hard as I can to improve-… Read more

What I learned from my first camping trip

1. Everything you hear about camping is true . . . But experiencing it is completely different. You are sleeping in the wilderness.  Therefore, there is wildlife, changing weather, and other unexpected variables that will cross your path.  You are actually expected to survive and live off these types of living conditions. 2. Peanut butter is always the answer… Eat peanut butter for breakfast, snack,… Read more

Our Journey Begins…

A snapshot of our thoughts and feelings of the beginning of our adventure ‘down under’… Julia: My strongest emotion so far on the trip has been comfort; I feel that everyone on the trip is accepting and non-judgmental. Everyone is super easy to talk to and I hope it will get even better and we can open up about more things. Super Epic!! Charlie: It… Read more

Instructor Intro: Karlee Taylor

Hi everyone! I’m Karlee, I’ll be your Program Instructor along with Susy for our upcoming journey through Australia and New Zealand. I’m so looking forward to meeting you all! I thought I’d start by sharing a little bit of my story. I grew up in a patch of Australian bush called Humbug Scrub in South Australia. My passion for the ocean drew me closer to the… Read more

Instructor Intro: Susy Stokes

Kia ora team, I’m Susy one of your program instructors, along with Karlee. I’m currently chilling out in one of the many beautiful awe-inspiring spots we are going to spend time, adventure and come to love over our semester together – Cresent Head in Australia. I love it because it’s a small town with a incredible nature around it on land and sea, what more… Read more