A day in the life – homestay style

After spending nine days in Nepal, my group members and I thought we were well-adjusted to the Nepali way of life. We had mastered getting a reasonable price out of the store-owners in Kathmandu, meditated among buddhist monks, and went hiking in the Himalayan foothills. We thought we knew what life in Nepal was like… However, that all changed when we entered Ale Gaun, a… Read more

First Impressions: Nepal

Peace and connection. These are the two words that come to mind when I think of the past few days. It is not only the daily guided meditation, but our setting:the beautiful and enlightening Neydo Monastery.It is waking up with yoga at 7:00 every morning. There were grunts, pain, and drowsiness, yet the feelings afterwards are magnificent. Our group has already established a level of… Read more

Instructor Intro: Jessica Dick

Nepal & Tibet Gap Year Semester instructor, Jessica Dick, says… Namaste all! Hello all and welcome to the Nepal and Tibet 2017 Spring Semester. Soon you will depart on an incredible journey with Kathmandu as your first destination.  We will have the opportunity to explore together through some of the most majestic, breathtaking landscapes and cultures ever traversed. Not only will a life changing experience… Read more

Instructor Intro: Lou Henderson

Nepal & Tibet Gap Year Semester instructor, Lou Henderson, says… Namaste/Tashi Dele: fellow explorers, bohemians and intrepid travellers. The soon to be Pacific Discovery Nepal and Tibet Spring Crew. My name is Lou one slice of your program instructor equation and along with Jess I am looking forward to meeting you all and beginning this journey in Kathmandu with you all. I was born and… Read more

Letter to Nepal

Dear Nepal, There are things that I never want to forget about you… Ama comforting me and telling me to rest, Movie theaters with yak fur seats, Dhal Baat in the village, The smiles and generosity of Nepalis, Children running after us and waving hello on the road, The clumps of sugar in Nepali tea, Feeling at peace, Realizing that there’s more to life than… Read more

It was too late to take risks now…

“It was too late to take risks now. I asked Tenzing to belay me strongly, and I started cutting a cautious line of steps up the ridge. Peering from side to side and thrusting with my ice axe, I tried to discover a possible cornice, but everything seemed solid and firm. I waved Tenzing up to me. A few more whacks of ice-axe, a very… Read more

The start of a Buddhafull trip 

Fifteen of us sat in the van quietly on the way up to Nagarkot. Kate stared out the window at the depths below and thought to herself, “I can not believe this is happening.” Sophie gazed at the trees that swept by thinking, “I wonder what we’re having for dinner later?” And in the very back sat Jake who was on the edge of his… Read more

Nepal and Tibet Semester – Instructor Welcome from Kevin

Namaste everyone! My name is Kevin and I will be guiding you, alongside Lou, on this incredible journey through the rooftop of the world.  I want to give you all a warm welcome and say how thrilled I am to be your instructor for the 2016 NAT program!  I know you are getting incredibly excited for this program and I can say that I am right… Read more