A blog from Nepal: Life in the Village, by Madeleine.

I awaken to the bellowing of a rooster below me and the battering of rain on the tin roof above me. I roll over on my straw mattress, remembering where I am, and  drift in and out of sleep before breakfast. Yesterday, we left Kathmandu for the homestay portion of the trip. After spending a day or two relaxing and preparing in the city, the… Read more

A blog from Nepal – Week 1, by Owen.

So I’m sure all of the parents back home are wondering what their kids have been up to since they’ve traveled halfway around the world. My name is Owen Pflieger and I wanted to share about some of the things most of us are experiencing for the first time in our lives! Once everyone in our group landed safely in Kathmandu, we were treated with… Read more

Kathmandu to the End of the Universe: A little recap of our second day in Nepal

As our Nepal and Tibet Fall 19 group settle into life in Nepal, student Sarah has taken a moment to write down the groups experiences on the program so far, kindly updating us from the Hotel at the End of the Universe.   It’s the morning after our first night in Nepal. Leaving our room, Olivia, Madeleine, and I make our way up to the… Read more

Instructor Intro: Caleb Lovell

Meet Caleb Hello! My name is Caleb, and I will be one of your instructors joining you as we embark on the adventures of a lifetime next month on your Fall Nepal and Tibet Gap Year Semester Program! I am very stoked to meet each of you and begin this journey together.  I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share a little… Read more

Instructor Intro: Devin Perno

Meet Devin Namaste Nepal and Tibet family! Welcome to the adventure in the Himalayas. My name is Devin and I will be one of your instructors for our upcoming learning adventure, the Nepal and Tibet Semester and Gap Year Program! I am super excited to start this program and share some wonderful experiences with you around some of the tallest peaks in the world. I… Read more

Ten days in Tibet

Yaks dressed in neon decorations drag ploughs through cracked clay. Shaggy sheep fleck the mountains with white. Candles float in bowls of butter bouncing light onto ancient monastery walls. Villages of identical plaster rectangle homes become more dilapidated as we near Everest Base Camp. Colours of the rainbow bleed from fur blanketed mountains and silhouette Tibetans working the land. We flew from Kathmandu to Lhasa… Read more

Annapurna Circuit

Wafting cinnamon smoke, frazzle-haired golden highland cows, prayer flags eternally flapping in the wind, handmade copper bowls overflowing with offerings, bunches of bells strung together on fences, silhouettes of religious stupas decorating every high point, timeless waterfalls that have carved trenches into vertical rock walls, and gold threads of light knit together the morning sky. There are dramatic snow peaks layered in impossibly thick slabs of… Read more

Instructor Intro: Jessica Thomas

Namaste everyone! I’m going to be spending a big chunk of 2018 with you as one half of your instructing team for the Nepal and Tibet Semester. I come from even further away than the Himalayas – Australia. I grew up on a farm and by the beach on the south east coast of Australia, laughing and exploring under the strong Aussie sunshine with Mum… Read more

Instructor Intro: Devin Perno

Hello Everyone! My name is Devin and I will be one of your instructors for our upcoming learning adventure through Nepal and Tibet! I am super excited to start this trip  and share some wonderful experiences with you. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to start learning, growing, exploring, and trying new things across our expedition. I just wanted to take this… Read more

Lake Titicaca – Photo Journal

Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We stayed in homestays at Llachon, a small Quechua community overlooking the lake. This was the view from our homestay. The Llachon community uses much of their farmland to grow potatoes. They also own pigs, sheep, donkeys, and chickens. Here is the view from our hike. In the distance, you can see… Read more

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