A blog from Nepal - Week 1, by Owen.

So I’m sure all of the parents back home are wondering what their kids have been up to since they’ve traveled halfway around the world. My name is Owen Pflieger and I wanted to share about some of the things most of us are experiencing for the first time in our lives! Once everyone in our group landed safely in Kathmandu, we were treated with a special dinner known as dahl bhat. This is a traditional meal to the Nepali people and it was also my first time ever trying it ... Read more

Kathmandu to the End of the Universe: A little recap of our second day in Nepal

As our Nepal and Tibet Fall 19 group settle into life in Nepal, student Sarah has taken a moment to write down the groups experiences on the program so far, kindly updating us from the Hotel at the End of the Universe.   It's the morning after our first night in Nepal. Leaving our room, Olivia, Madeleine, and I make our way up to the rooftop restaurant for breakfast with the group at 8:30. It's raining outside, and the walk up the stairs - past open windows - offers us ... Read more

Instructor intro: Amy Moren-Rees

Meet Amy Hi all, I hope you're looking forward to your up and coming trip to South East Asia! I will be one of your Program Leaders and therefore wanted to introduce myself to you prior to departure. So... I'm Amy! I grew up in both the Danish and Welsh country side, having a parent from each country. Since I was a little girl I have always loved the outdoors, always trying out new sports and adventures. I started out with scouts and swimming. I have always loved campi... Read more

Instructor Intro: Sarah Harvey

Meet Sarah Hi all! I'm really looking forward to meeting you all on your New Zealand Australia Fall Program! I just wanted to share a little bit about me, so you feel you know me a little better before we meet in September! My name is Sarah and I have a deep love for the outdoors. This love stems from my early years growing up on a farm in South East Queensland. I've worked as a newspaper photographer for a number of years, before I decided to put down the camera and p... Read more

Instructor intro: Chris Briggs

Meet Chris Hi, I'm Chris., a tanned, 5 “11, crunchy-peanut-butter-devouring lad, currently living below the Bass Strait (Tasmania).  I originally grew up aboard a yacht and skipped pre-primary for the beautiful waters and island life of Hinchinbrook. My parents exposed and planted within me a deep love for the outdoors at an early age. After eventually heading back to mainland life in Western Australia; surfing, sea kayaking and basically anything ocean-based were all o... Read more

Instructor intro: Sophia Allen

Meet Sophia Hello everyone! My name is Sophia, but you can call me Soph. I'm tremendously excited to journey with you this fall (or spring in the Southern Hemisphere) in the Australia/New Zealand Program.  I love exploring our beautiful world and connecting with different cultures. I am originally from the lush Appalachian Mountains of the United States but I have lived in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and Central and South America.  As far as experience goes, I ... Read more

Instructor Intro: Gabrielle Jolly

Hi everyone! My name is Gabrielle, or Gabby for short. I am super excited to join you on this big adventure to South East Asia this Fall! I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada (the great white north eh?) and spent most of my childhood next to the mountains and the ocean. The outdoors has always been a passion of mine, closely followed by travelling. I have spent most of my time exploring the world and dipping my toes in all sorts of career paths. Let’s just say I haven’... Read more

Instructor Intro: Nick Houghton

Meet Nick G’day and Kia ora everyone :) Hello and welcome everyone to the 2019 Australia and New Zealand Fall Program, wooo! Very shortly you will all depart on an amazing program starting in a beautiful and sunny Brisbane and finish in a very nice and cool Christchurch in New Zealand! My name is Nicholas, but please feel free to call me Nick. I have always been passionate and have always loved both travelling and meeting new people from all around the world like yours... Read more

Instructor Intro: Alex Malcolm

Meet Alex Kia Ora Team, My name is Alex and I will be one of your instructors for your New Zealand Australia fall semester program Group 2. I am super excited to spend the up coming 10 weeks with y'all sharing some epic adventures. I'm originally from New Zealand but grew up in Vanuatu (ask me where that is when you meet me ?). My career started in tourism in 2010 as a Dive Master in Vanuatu and have worked on live aboard dive boats in the coral sea and Ningaloo reef of... Read more

Instructor Intro: Caleb Lovell

Meet Caleb Hello! My name is Caleb, and I will be one of your instructors joining you as we embark on the adventures of a lifetime next month on your Fall Nepal and Tibet Gap Year Semester Program! I am very stoked to meet each of you and begin this journey together.  I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share a little backstory, I was born in the USA, then moved with my family to Australia where I spent the second half of my childhood, and teenage years. ... Read more

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