A poem by Beck, NZA3

Concerning Humans: Ever flowing is the pen,  Pouring one's heart onto the page Like water down a mountainside.  Then the rivers pens have made,  Form rapids, ponds, lakes,  And oceans, from a simple swipe.  In each pen stroke lies a story, A trial, a journey, a quest From mountaintop to riverbed, From A to B through a canyon, To find a seat at the base of a tree And pause.  Each stroke of ink, a gust of wind That conjures the waves we ride to shore For dri... Read more

Final goodbyes and post trip reflection, NZA3.

Hello ducklings,    It is hard to believe that today, everyone said see ya later and went on their next adventure. It seems like just a moment ago we were all meeting each other for the first time in Brisbane.    Over the past seventy days we have shared fantastic adventures and drawn closer together like a family.    We swam through tea tree rivers next to giant cat fish and rescued flipped canoes. Battled invasive species with saws, our strong arms and war cries.... Read more

New Zealand and Australia Semester highlights - NZA2!

GillianNever in a million years did I expect to go skydiving. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to go because I was able to face my fear and was extremely proud of myself.Foster One of my highlights was the time we spent at surfaris. I loved the relaxed vibe and of course Ben and Sandra. I also got really into surfing, which is something I'd never done beforeStephen A special highlight in the trip was watching all my close pals stand up on a surfboard for the fir... Read more

End of trip reflection. By Foster, NZA2

End of trip reflection.Trudging into the airport Gigantic duffels set heavily on our shoulders Filled with not only with clothes and gear But the nerves, excitement and apprehension That served as a constant reminder of the unknown we were about to enter That was 70 days ago 70 days pushing ourselves Toeing the thin line that was our comfort zone 70 days of trying new things Of enjoying each other’s company (or not)   The sparkling white sands at Byron Bay Th... Read more

It's a wrap! Written by Program Leaders Amy and Gabby, SEA

We’ve now shared our final laughs, eaten our last local meals, and said our final goodbyes. As Amy and I watch the final taxi take our students to the airport, we can’t help but breathe a small sigh of relief. We’ve kept them safe, we’ve kept them happy, and ultimately, we are ready to let them go off on their own and experience the world with a brand new perspective. It truly is a bittersweet goodbye. I can tell you now; this part is never easy for us instructors. Our... Read more

Our experiences of Kahurangi National Park. By Sam and Zephyr, NZA3.

This past week, the group embarked on a backpacking trip through the Tableland Circuit in Kahurangi National Park. Armed with not enough toilet paper and too much peanut butter (among other things), the team walked about 25-30 miles during these four days, many of which were at a steep incline. For meals, the group split up into 3 cook crews; my group consisted of me (Sam), Jaipal, Zephyr, and Harm. For breakfast, we had oatmeal and granola; for lunch, I had peanut butte... Read more

Kahurangi hike. By Foster and Stephen, NZA2.

On Monday Alex and Chloe told us how to pack our bags so it was easy accessible throughout the hike. We packed our sleeping bags on the bottom, then our spare clothes (underwear, socks, spare thermals) in between. Then on top we put in all the camping necessities like our trangias, our tents supplies and all of our food for the next 4 days. On Monday night we were all very nervous but very excited because we didn’t know what was going to come. On Tuesday morning we head... Read more

Falling in love with NZ. By Jane Loy, NZA3

NZA group C has fallen in love with New Zealand and we’re only a little over a week in. At the beginning of the week, we got our nerd on in Hobbiton where The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were filmed. From there, we made our way down to Rotorua, where we would be staying in the Rangitihi memorial meeting house. We got to experience a traditional welcoming ceremony with the Chief and his daughter. We touched noses and foreheads with the Chief in traditional Maori greetin... Read more

The Crossing. By JQ Norris and Harm de B, NZA3

Our time at The Crossing was so special. Annette and Dean along with Penny and Chelsea welcomed us with open arms and hearts as we rolled up to the entrance of The Crossing, all of us eager to see our new home for the week. Dean, Penny, and Chelsea guided us on a hike/tour of the property right of the bat. Explaining the native flora, the tidal rivers and the indigenous history of the land. As we arrived to the main building of The Crossing, Annette greeted us with deli... Read more

The River Life. By Olivia, Nepal and Tibet

The River Life Life on the river is quiet a unique lifestyle. In the past 6 days we’ve been experiencing it for ourself. We floated down the Kali Gandaki river and camped on beaches along the way. We’d wake up every morning for a leisurely 8am breakfast and pack up to get on the river. Everyday we’d float down the river in the morning for about 2 hours and then stop at a small little beach for lunch. We’d all hang out, eat some lunch, and then continue on going down the ... Read more