Central America Semester Update: Scuba Diving!

Avery gives us an insight into life underwater:  We started scuba today and I don’t think any of us could put into words how we were feeling. Nervous and excited I guess! For a majority of the group, this would be their first dive. Although it sounds easy, telling your body to breathe underwater can be difficult. For those with some dive experience, their priorities were more about perfecting skills like neutral buoyancy and air consumption. By the second dive it became... Read more

Trekking and small mountain villages - SEA Semester update from Northern Thailand

Trekking and Relaxing in PaiSaying our goodbyes at Elephant Nature Park was difficult but memorable.  We were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the elephants one last time when we did presentations - where we focused on individual elephants and their history with trauma before coming to the park. From the park, we moved on to Pai, a small hippy town about an hour North of ENP. In Pai, we got the chance to get a feel for the town and walk around for ... Read more

Time to hit the surf! NZA Group B update

Surf Camp – Day 1 “You just gotta drop in, smack the lip WHAPAHH then tuck in there and just get GAHHH” – SURFER GUY.Since our last group blog post, much has happened!  No days off for that girl. We have been stationed at the Surfari retreat homestay, where we have been working with local contractors doing bush regeneration by weeding out a harmful invasive species of plant, Bitou Bush, and by replanting helpful and beautiful trees to flourish in coming years. It was inc... Read more

Central America Semester: Arrival blog

Here we are in dreamy Central America!I remember arrival day like it was 15 days ago. After leaving the freezing fudging winter of Chicago, Mexico’s warm, welcoming breeze lifted my spirit. We were all strangers. We had all definitely stalked each other’s social media’s, and I’m sure everyone found the wrong Devin on Instagram because the first question I got was, ”You’re a dude!?”We made it through orientation and bonded through the sweaty, salty, sandy, small shared be... Read more

Surf Camp - NZA Group A

Another surf update, this time from NZ A Group A! Liz one of the instructors gives us the low-down on what they've been up to lately: After a six hour drive from Byron Bay we arrived at Surfari—our accommodations in Crescent Head, New South Wales. After a week of living out of tents it was lovely to sleep on real beds. The relaxation didn’t last long, because the next morning we drove to Plomer Beach for our first day of service work. With a view of the waves crashing o... Read more

NZA Group C begin their adventure!

Touchdown in Australia! I think I can speak for us all when I say we were all pretty anxious to arrive to begin our adventures with the completely charming and winsome “land down under .” As we slowly begin to learn culture and the lingo, we are yet to see a dingo! The long plane put me in the mindset of ancient voyagers. The flight was long and intense at times but it ‘twas the start of our journey. We were greeted with the most cheerful and wonderful attitudes. Everyo... Read more

Australia Zoo, NZA Group B

Yesterday was one of the best days of the trip so far. Beforehand, I had no idea what to expect. Everyone else was excited and mentioned how Steve Irwin was very influential to them during their childhood. They explained to me how Steve Irwin would wrestle with crocodiles and live life on the edge. I was definitely intrigued, but I still thought that the Australia Zoo would be the same as any other zoo in the world. And I’m glad to say that I was wrong.   Upon entering... Read more

On the Move in Thailand by Dusey, SEA

As the SEA Spring 2020 group has settled into the culture and constant movement of Thailand, we found ourselves quickly getting to know each other while we were surprised with Thai massages. This journey began in Bangkok and soon moved to Sukhothai for a few days of orientation at Lotus Village. With the delicious meals prepared by our hosts, our stomachs were full as we began to fully immerse ourselves in the 70 days ahead.   In Sukhothai, we explored the Historic Par... Read more

The Adventure Has Begun, NZA Group A

G’day mates,   This week was a week of “firsts” for us. Our adventure began as soon as we arrived to the airport. Team work was a necessity from the beginning. Jamming bags into a tiny trailer and grocery shopping for fourteen people on a budget were only two of the first challenges that we were faced with. After landing at Point Lookout and beginning orientation, we shared giggles, meals, and made memories. After being flooded with rain, we embarked on a new journey to... Read more

Introducing Program Instructor Arlen: New Zealand & Australia Spring 2020

Hi I'm Arlen and I am co-leading the New Zealand and Australia Spring 2020 Semester with Jack! It was from a very early age that my love for the outdoors and Australia grew. My school holidays were usually a 2-week trip exploring NSW’s towns, National Parks and campgrounds....Minnie Waters, New England National Park, Crescent Head, Mullumbimby, Warrumbungle National Park, Katoomba and Blue Mountains, Perisher and the Snowy Mountains to name a few of my favourite places!... Read more