Our time at The Crossing was so special. Annette and Dean along with Penny and Chelsea welcomed us with open arms and hearts as we rolled up to the entrance of The Crossing, all of us eager to see our new home for the week.

Dean, Penny, and Chelsea guided us on a hike/tour of the property right of the bat. Explaining the native flora, the tidal rivers and the indigenous history of the land. As we arrived to the main building of The Crossing, Annette greeted us with delicious goodies and hot drinks that we got to drink out of the mugs of our choosing. We were shown our digs for the week -converted passenger rail cars- and were taught how to use the composting toilets. 

Over the course of our five days there, we learnt an incredible amount. We learnt the foundations of permaculture, how to build composting toilets  and how to live while treading lightly on the earth. The Crossing only uses captured and repurposed water on the property, grow most of their own food and runs entirely on solar power. It was such a privilege to live so simply and conscientiously with as loving company as Dean and Annette.

As a group we were able to plant 120 trees(!) in a day under Dean’s guidance and learnt how to cook so many meals with Annette. We got the opportunity to go for a leisurely paddle on the tidal river of the property and went for a really beautiful coastal walk (or hike) on our last day. Ate lunch among boulders and tried to count all the kangaroos bouncing in the pasture beside us.

All in all, our time at the crossing was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s safe to say we all have learnt a thing or two from our time there.





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