G’day mates,

This week was a week of “firsts” for us. Our adventure began as soon as we arrived to the airport. Team work was a necessity from the beginning. Jamming bags into a tiny trailer and grocery shopping for fourteen people on a budget were only two of the first challenges that we were faced with. After landing at Point Lookout and beginning orientation, we shared giggles, meals, and made memories. After being flooded with rain, we embarked on a new journey to the Everglades in Noosa. Although it would have been nice to have spent the weekend canoeing and authentically camping, we spent the weekend in “Yurts,” which, for those of you who don’t know, is a step below “glamping.” Thanks to Michelle, Camp Site Director, we were able to continue our weekend out in the wilderness in a bit of a different fashion. 

The first night we grew fond of the wilderness as we bonded with nature in both the showers and our tents. Spiders, frogs, and kangaroos... oh my. The following day, we woke up to clear skies, despite the weather forecasts that had said otherwise.

Our leader of the day, Zach, scheduled us to go go canoeing on the largest salt water lake in the world! About halfway through, we paddled up to some sand, parked our boats, and adventured onward. Our two mile hike began. As we know you are all wondering, yes there were kangaroos, yes there were snakes, and yes there were plenty of screams. Although we wish to inform you about each and every activity that has sparked interest and lit our souls on fire, we know that you can read it all in the itinerary. So, instead, we want to explain the things you may not get out of your pamphlets. 

Our first wellness activity took place in the grass on Thursday afternoon. We spoke about individual houses and how they are built of four walls. If one of the walls fall, then the whole structure can become unsteady. Stay with me here as I try to explain this abstract concept. The Maori people of New Zealand believe that a person can be compared to a house in the case of having four walls. These walls consist of emotional/mental health, physical health, relationships, and spirituality. After the session we took time to reflect on where we believe we currently are on this wellness spectrum. We vulnerably shared anecdotes, explained our likes and dislikes, spoke confidently on our shortcomings, and reflected on our personal goals. 

For the parents wondering, we are alive, we are well, we are beyond happy, and we are growing together as a family. Each and every one of us are going with the flow, respecting each other’s differences, and embracing a space in which we all hope to grow.


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