We all stayed up super late last night talking down by the jetty, so we were all kind of groggy when we woke up at 4:30 a.m. The group arose in order to start on our mindfulness sunrise canoe trip at 5 a.m.

It was completely dark out and we used our headlamps to guide us down towards the dock. We stayed in silence and darkness as we paddled out. We turned off our headlamps to be guided and for our path to be lit by the stars and the moon.

Once we started to see the first light of the day, we slowed down and rafted together. Karlee read a beautiful passage about traveling and exploration as we saw the morning Sun glow along the treetops and fill the river with morning light.

We drifted as we took another moment of silence. The whole scenario was absolutely breathtaking; the calm water, the thin fog building up on top of the water, and light presenting itself onto the world. Karlee pulled out her ukulele and we sang "happy birthday" to Tom. After that we headed back to our campsite, in awe of what we had experienced.


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  1. Holly Hill

    So sweet to read about the adventures and see the pictures.
    I especially like Gwen's sleepy face in this photo.

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