Never in a million years did I expect to go skydiving. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to go because I was able to face my fear and was extremely proud of myself.
One of my highlights was the time we spent at surfaris. I loved the relaxed vibe and of course Ben and Sandra. I also got really into surfing, which is something I'd never done before
A special highlight in the trip was watching all my close pals stand up on a surfboard for the first time. The look on there face was priceless.
I enjoyed the scenery in New Zealand. Mountain biking in the red forest was something that will stay with me.
The highlight of the trip was going snorkeling. Seeing a shark!
Hobbiton was so realistic, it took me back to the movies I watched in the theatre when I was younger. We had an amazing time exploring the small hobbitholes and drinking at the tavern!
At surfaris, we’d spend long days on surfboards in the cold Australian water. Then we’d come back to the lodge to enjoy toast, hammocks, and rest our tired muscles while enjoying each other’s company.
The highlight of my trip for me was definitely mountain biking with everyone. Being able to see everyone get a hold of it and experience something new and exhilarating in an exotic place will definitely be a memory that I will always cherish.
A highlight of my trip was at The Crossing, a permaculture farm in Australia. I felt extremely productive as I built highly sustainable toilets step by step and planted numerous trees.
One distinct highlight of the trip for me was the hiking trip. Some people started off skeptical and nervous, but it was very meaningful to see everyone persevere through hard days of walking and hiking with a pack
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