Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We stayed in homestays at Llachon, a small Quechua community overlooking the lake.

This was the view from our homestay. The Llachon community uses much of their farmland to grow potatoes. They also own pigs, sheep, donkeys, and chickens.

Here is the view from our hike. In the distance, you can see white mountains of Bolivia!

The moon was very bright during our visit and made for a beautiful photo of the beach!

As I was walking along the shore, a woman came to the lake to do her laundry. It was such an incredible experience to talk to a local under authentic circumstances, even though the language barrier made our conversation short.

Just your average Lake Titicaca sunset.

We took a boat to an island called Taquile. Some of us sat on the top of the boat where the Peruvian flag billowed in the wind.

At Taquile, we explored, ate lunch in the main square, and took a leisurely walk on a path that led us back to our boat, stopping at stands to look at handmade jewelry and llama finger puppets.

We visited Uros, a floating island where nearly everything is made of reeds- their houses, their boats, and the island itself. There, families sold beautiful handmade tapestries telling stories of their history and jewelry with Incan crosses.

On our last night at Llachon, we huddled around a bonfire on the beach, not yet ready to say goodbye to the lake.

Our experience at Lake Titicaca was like this fire; it was simple yet awe-inspiring, creating in us sparks of desire to continue seeking out the beauty we had just witnessed.

-Maddie Tango

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