Hey there everybody, this Cole and Harm checking in with our weekly blog! 

We started off this week in Wellington, where we took a bumpy, but fun, ferry ride over to New Zealand's south island. Man, it was beautiful! We had a picnic lunch overlooking the bay, before cramming into the van for a two hour drive through vineyards to the Lake Rotoiti park. At the visitor center, we learned a little a bit about the park where we'd be camping for the next few days. We also met our fantastic park ranger guides, Janelle and Guy.

After that we headed to our campsite, and set up for the next few days. We started our Tuesday, with a cup of coffee and beautiful hike on the trail we'd be working on for the rest of the week. The next few days we worked out tails off, making sure that the trail was perfect for anyone who came after us.

That's not to say that we didn't have any fun. One of our favorite moments was building a bridge from scratch from stones and clay that we found nearby. We were very lucky with the weather with it only raining one day.

After every day we drove over to the community center for a hot shower, before heading back to camp. In the community center, there was also a large gym so you better believe we played some sick dodge ball, volleyball, and some intense basketball games. We even got Guy to come over after work one day and play with us. 

At the end week, we finished with a massive BBQ with Janelle. And of course one more dodge ball game. We then loaded up in the van, and headed off to Nelson.... 

This was Harm and Cole, singing off. See you soon!

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