G’Day and Kia Ora! 

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere. My name is Sophia, but feel free to call me Soph. I will be one of your Instructors for Group C (the best team) in the Australia and New Zealand program. 

I am originally from the Smoky Maintains in North Carolina, but I have been fortunate in the past decade to call many wonderful places in the world my home. Some of my favs have been Cusco Peru, Chiang Mai Thailand,  Grampians National Park in Australia, and a little fishing village in Iceland called Vík. 

I love being by water no matter where I am and I will usually have a good book for reading or my journal on me for writing. I have a slight obsession... well let me be honest... a major obsession with tea and coffee. You will most likely find me throughout the course making a pot of French Press coffee in the morning and a cozy tea in the evening to share. 

I am so excited to meet you and experience this Journey with ya. Australia and New Zealand are completely gorgeous and there is going to be a ton to explore. We will travel by van, plane, ore, boot, peddle, and by foot. 

Get ready to see some of the most bizarre creatures and fantastic sights. Koalas napping in trees and Roos bounding across the fields. You will be culturally immersed in these rugged lands by vegemite, Tim Tams, and Australian Slang. 

Traveling is one of the best teachers, and there are so many lessons ahead of us. We will learn how to form a strong team and live alongside others for seventy days. We will learn how to become independent travelers with open minds and we will master the skills necessary to live in the Outdoors without modern conveniences. 

Follow the packing list, so that you are ready for all the fun ahead, and step onto the plane knowing that future friends are ready to meet you on the other side. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions that may come up. 

See ya soon in Brisbane! 


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