Hey, I'm jack from robin hood country England (Nottinghamshire)!

I'm super excited to be leading the New Zealand & Australia Semester this Spring.

I'm into everything outdoors, mostly hiking, climbing and mountain biking. At the moment I am loving spending lots of time in New Zealand - its so varied with such beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Travelling the world is amazing as it offers so many chances to take stock and remind ourselves of the wonders this planet we call home.
What I'm most looking forward to for the upcoming programme is meeting everyone and making our way through Australia! Its been through some hardship recently with the bushfires, so it's a great chance for us all to chat to locals and help make a difference where we can. Things can get tough on the road so far away from family and friends but I have found from my travels that pushing through your fears and what you believe are limitations reveals how capable you can really be. This lesson stands true for everyone. Here's to the moments that make us great! 
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