Kia Ora everyone!

Haere Mai (Welcome) to our NZA Group A Spring 2019!

My name is Karlee and together with Devin, I will be one of your program instructors for your journey through Australia and New Zealand for the Pacific Discovery Semester Program.

I’m writing on the road in the South Island of New Zealand where we’ll get into rock climbing together. The snow-topped peaks and changeable weather here seem pretty far from the arid South Australian bush where I grew up… something to keep in mind for packing; this trip we can experience any conditions nature can throw at us!

A bit about me… after guiding on the Ningaloo Reef of Western Australia; living and working in Central Laos; collecting ecological data on Koalas and later working with youth in country New South Wales, I took six months to travel overland from Laos to London (and some of the way back) with a heap of fun cycling and motor biking in Mongolia and trekking in South West China. Most recently I’ve been sailing the South Pacific. When I’m not on the road I love gardening and growing as much of my food as possible!

Just thinking about some of these stories makes me super excited to support you all on your exploration through all the wonderful parts of Australasia we’re about to experience. Our journey really gives us a taste of so many different activities, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that rocks for you. There’s landscapes, experiences, and bodies of water to plunge into that will take your breath away!

I encourage you to introduce yourself on our Facebook group; by the end of 70 days cooking, eating and camping together (and our magic bus we’ll be travelling in) we’ll pretty much be one big Whanau (family)!

A great way to get even more excited (and prepared) for our journey is to have a read about the history, culture and geography of some of the places we’ll be going; what do you really want to find out more about?

Packing for this trip is tricky; try to stick to the packing list but pack as lightly as possible (I do a ‘pack explosion’ and lay everything out that has to go in); we have to fit it all in our trailer and tetris isn’t always fun.

Most importantly, bring your genuine and wonderful selves!

Any questions? Feel free to email us or post in our Facebook group. Curiosity and inquisitive minds make for an amazing journey!

Looking forward to meeting you all in Brisbane soon!


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  1. Annette

    Oh Yeah Karlee. So pleased we will see you and another enthusiastic PD Crew at The Crossing soon. Xo Annette

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