Namaste everyone!

I'm going to be spending a big chunk of 2018 with you as one half of your instructing team for the Nepal and Tibet Semester.

I come from even further away than the Himalayas - Australia. I grew up on a farm and by the beach on the south east coast of Australia, laughing and exploring under the strong Aussie sunshine with Mum and Dad and my little brother Daniel.

Those mighty mountains in the middle of the earth have had a massive impact on my life trajectory. When I first visited Nepal in 2011, I had an epiphany about about how to live life. It had something to do with how minuscule you feel when you are standing next to Mount Everest, and you realise you are a very small part of a big and beautiful world, and you must make the most of your time on earth! I went home and quit the military, travelled around the world, and completed a degree in International Studies. I have now travelled in more than sixty countries... twenty five of these by bicycle! However, the mighty Himalayas still have my heart. I just cannot wait to journey with you all in Nepal and Tibet. We will become very close, learning more about each other than expected, I imagine. Bring your Diamox, your widest eyes, your most open heart, pack your kindness and compassion, and don't forget the humbleness. We are in for an unforgettable experience future friends.

I wish you all a warm, wonderful and healthy festive season. Nourish your mind and soul for what you're about to delve into. Try not to wish away the time, we will be in Kathmandu before you can say seabuckthorn juice!

I am currently heading home to my own family after cycling in India.

See you soon, Jess


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