Hello everyone heading to New Zealand and Australia for the Spring Semester!

My name is Devin and I will be one of your instructors for our upcoming learning adventure! I am super excited to start this program and share some wonderful experiences with you down under.

I just wanted to take this moment to introduce myself so we can all start to get to know each other. We are going to be traveling, eating, exploring, and basically living together for the next few months!  Ultimately, we are going to become one big family. It's my hope that we all can start to work together, and help each other out as much as possible so we can have a truly meaningful travel experience.

I am originally from the sunny state of Colorado, but I currently use Yangshuo, China as my base for working and traveling around this part of the world. I have been living around here for over four years, traveling from place to place, working, climbing, and exploring new cultures I never thought imaginable.

In school, I studied environmental science and geology. Over the years I have had many jobs and positions but I have been working in Outdoor education for over five years. Currently, I am back home in the US working as a Nurse Assistant before our trip in Feb!

I am so excited to explore these two beautiful countries with you! Please take the time to prepare yourself and your belongings for our trip. I would double check everything you have, lay it out on the ground, and make a visual count of it. Try not to over pack, only bring what is recommended and only what you really need. I also highly recommend to mentally prepare yourself for this experience. This includes reading some information about the countries and cultures we will visit. Start with an open mind and grow from there.

And finally, please feel free to ask any questions or voice your concerns. We are here to get everyone ready and to make our program go as smooth as it can. We are about to embark on a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We must seize this opportunity and make the most we can with what we have. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. And don’t be afraid to live in the moment! Don’t be afraid to travel to the unknown!

Karlee and I can't wait to meet you all and start our adventure!



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