Update from Louisa on the Nepal and Tibet Program

Hi friends and families!

This week we transitioned from our homestay to relaxing and preparing for our trek in Pokhara. The last couple days we soaked up the last of our homestay—helping our families with the holiday (Daśamī) or hanging out by the river in Wāling. Leaving our homestay families was really hard. My family made me feel so welcome in their community and made a big effort to making sure I was eating enough or feeling okay. On Monday night we had a ceremony to say thanks for a wonderful two weeks and to spend one last night all together. We danced in a circle while our Amas sang and played the drums. From the home-cooked dal baht to peeling potatoes and garlic to sipping Chai tea in the morning at breakfast we will all miss our families very much. This is an experience that I will never forget.

After hard goodbyes on Tuesday morning, we made our way to Pokhara. Here, we are re-stocking on snacks (KitKats, Chupes and Snickers are proving to be favorites among the group) and other necessities for the trek, enjoying hot showers and washing all our clothes. We are also taking a break from the wonderful Dahl baht and eating out at different cuisines—Mediterranean one night and pizza at an outdoor movie theater another night.

On the 8th we said goodbye to one of our fellow group members, Sarah. We are sad to see her go, but wish her the very best in her upcoming adventures.



Ana eating a hot pepper!

A plate of yummy dal baht

Caleb, sniffing his food (?!)

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