G’day I’m Chris and you and me are about to go an an ADVENTURE!

In the coming months we will experience many things together: new places, new strange and wonderful foods like vegemite, unique smells like when we come out of the bush after a multi-day hike together… and most importantly the many highs and occasional lows we will share together over 70 days on the road! If I could give you one tip it would be to embrace the highs and don't dwell on the occasional lows. It’s all part of the experience 

So a little about me. 

I was born and bred ‘down under’ in Western Australia (W.A). My folks loved the ocean and brought me up aboard a yacht during my early years and although this consequently resulted in me missing out on pre-primary and the fun of finger painting and macaroni art; I was blessed with the ocean as my backyard.

I worked as a tradesman and in gold mines for a number of years before buying a one-way ticket abroad. This saw me backpacking for the next two years through Asia and Europe, eventually falling into a guiding career by chance in Northern Finland where I spent the next seven months Husky Sledding through the Finnish winter in a town called Hetta. 

Since then my life has revolved around Guiding, Instructing and furthering my education in the outdoors. And I have been fortunate enough to work in a broad range of adventure programs and experiences including canyoning, sea kayaking and rafting, to name a few. 

I'm passionate about using outdoor programs as a means of self-discovery. Immense personal growth can arise from participating in challenging activities and stepping out of one’s comfort zone; and I endeavour to provide you with these opportunities.

Finally, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding anything at all. Even if it’s just a question about vegemite

Can’t wait to meet you face to face 



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