SCC College Credit

Seattle Central College offers a range of courses that you can gain credits for

Let’s talk through exactly how it works when applying and gaining your SCC credits for our programs.  
If applying for Seattle Central College credits, there is a simple process to follow to ensure that you will successfully gain your college credits.

It is important to note, is that the responsibility on completing requirements to qualify lies with the student, not Pacific Discovery. So please understand the steps you need to take to ensure you gain your credits.

Credit is available through the Seattle Central College Office of Cooperative Education and Service Learning, regardless of your own country of citizenship or residence.

Seattle Central College is an accredited institution, and credit gained may be transferred to a different university or college so long as they approve it. The best way to ensure a smooth transfer is where possible to get this credit approved in advance of completing the program. Please check/confirm this with your academic advisor in advance.

Please note that Seattle Central College (Rather than our other provider, Portland State University) is our only option for those looking to gain college credits for Summer Programs. So you are on the right page for more info!

How does it work?

You can elect to get credit under a range of different course titles and options, all of which come with different readings and assignments specific to the particular course. These course descriptions come from SCC, and each course has specific relevance and application to different Pacific Discovery programs.

Seattle Central College (SCC) operates, as most larger Accredited State institutions do, on a quarter-credit basis. This means that three-quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) usually counts as a full academic year.

“Full Time” for most colleges is USUALLY, 12 semester-credits which equals 18 quarter-credits, or a ratio of 1.5 :1.

Criteria around credits:

Most courses can be taken for 5 or 10 quarter credits (3 or 6 semester credits). 
A maximum of 20 quarter credits (12 semester credits) can be taken per semester program. 
A maximum of 10 quarter credits (6 semester credits) can be taken per summer program.

Language Study Opportunities

These courses are for the undergraduate student who plan on taking advantage of language study opportunities outside the USA, living with a family for total language immersion, or attending a language school while at the same time studying the culture of the country. Students will be expected to complete all course requirements upon their return to the United States. (5 or 10 credits)

HUM 291: Spanish Language 
International Internship/Volunteer Service 
EDU 291: Using the World as a Classroom (5 or 10 credits) 
Research outside the classroom is now a reality. Students will pick a travel destination, select a research topic, gather research data, and combine them all into a learning experience. This is a self-paced course designed to maximize learning and travel experiences.

SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience (5 or 10 credits) 
Designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and other individuals who undertake domestic and/or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of cross-cultural activities and events, historic sites, geologic formations, museums, etc. – activities that are available through travel.

ITL 197: International Cooperative Education (5 credits) 
Provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit for work experiences, internships, or volunteer service in an international setting.

ITL 198: International Cooperative Education (5 credits) 
A continuation of ITL 197.

SCC Course Fees

Please review the SCC website for current course fees and enrollment procedure. As an indication, course fees for 2023-2024 are: 
5 credits =  US $660 
10 credits = US $1320

These fees are to be paid directly to Seattle Central.

Let’s walk you through the steps of what you need to do…

  1. Review the current courses of study offered and decide which are most relevant for you – you may like to discuss this with your academic advisor.
  2. Read through the SCC Policies and Procedures.
  3. Complete the enrollment application. Payment to SCC must accompany your enrolment application and is made directly to SCC, not to Pacific Discovery. Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard and Discover, or by check or money order (payable to Seattle Central Community College).
  4. Applications and payment should be submitted to SCC.
  5. For SCC credit questions, please contact Karen Kato, tel 206-934-6998, email [email protected].
  6. When you have completed course registration with SCC and have received confirmation of this, please email Pacific Discovery, and notify us of the course/s you are taking and the number of credits you are taking each course for.
  7. Off you go on your amazing program adventure (Woohoo!), making sure you complete all the requirements on program and papers on return. 
  8. You then submits their journal and all papers to your course instructor by your assigned due date. 
  9. Grading instructor assesses and gives grades to SCC. 
  10. You get back in touch with SCC for your official transcript.


To check out the range of courses offered by SCC for credits, click here.