Our Journey Begins…

A snapshot of our thoughts and feelings of the beginning of our adventure 'down under'...

Julia: My strongest emotion so far on the trip has been comfort; I feel that everyone on the trip is accepting and non-judgmental. Everyone is super easy to talk to and I hope it will get even better and we can open up about more things. Super Epic!!

Charlie: It was liberating from my American boring self, jumping in the Pacific Ocean in Australia for the first time. I truly felt cleansed.

Taylor: Morning yoga with the team has been refreshing and grounding; a beautiful way to start a day. Definitely a practice I hope to take carry back over the seas with me.

Griffin: When I think of what the last few days has been like comradery is the feeling that comes to mind; feeling a part of a group and connecting with people is refreshing and not something that has happened all that often in my life back home.

Jack: Hours and minutes hanging in the kitchen, having our own conversations in a really comfortable way have been my favorite moments since being in Australia. It’s the simple things.

Eliana AKA Bear: The transition from home to Australia has been way easier than I thought. The people in our group have helped me to feel content and I feel a sense of happiness being here.  I have loved the car rides, listening to music and singing with everybody. It’s got a vibe of being around my extended family already and we have only been together 3 days. 


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