Permaculture in Action at The Crossing

The Crossing was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.

Permaculture is a lifestyle centred around the design of the natural ecosystem in which the society is in, that allows for a more sustainable and ecological way of life. Each part of the design must have at least 3 reasons for its manifestation.

Dean and Annette Turner, founders of The Crossing, welcomed us with open arms and great hospitality. We bunked in recycled and renovated train cars. The electricity on the grounds was completely solar and the hot water was solar heated. All the toilets were composting, using waste for the gardens and the nitrogen for the citrus trees. All the wooden building materials were either excavated from the site or donated by people in the community.

The Crossing was built and runs on the service provided by volunteers. It is now an educational centre that teaches youth about permaculture and its 12 principles.

While staying at The Crossing, we provided some service labour for our stay. We collected a type of bush for mulch, planted 3 species of trees along the river, gardened, collected eggs, fed the chickens and installed an irrigation system.

The Crossing opened my eyes to the wasteful culture which we have become accustomed to and the easy fixes and changes we could make to diminish our harmful effect on the world. It also opened my eyes to the unnecessary luxuries we have come to believe we need, but that are extraneous and harmful to ourselves and our environment.

~ Erik

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