Rockclimbing 101

This week we were at rock climbing camp in Wanaka. Our whole trip has been filled with sunshine and good times, and this pocket of time in Wanaka was no exception. Here's thoughts from some of the group on our time there...

Gillian: Rock climbing with Ian and Loz was such a cool experience for everyone. Over the course of two and a half days, our crew learned skills that ranged in difficulty, and challenged us mentally and physically. From basic top roping to adrenaline fueled lead climbs, Loz and Ian walked us through rock climbing 101 so that we left feeling more confident in ourselves and our new skills. For a bit of fun, we had the chance to use the indoor Clip and Climb walls, and use them we did! For an hour we climbed wall after wall, rappelling down like Spider Man on the automatic belay systems, our faces sweaty and full of smiles. With that experience in mind, we left Wanaka feeling excited for what's next to come!

Ethan: Rock climbing was really fun even though I'm probably not going to do it very often when I get home. It was nice to spend a few mornings and afternoons in the sunshine taking it easy.

Freddie: I thought rock climbing was super fun. My favorite moment was when I climbed blindfolded. I also loved the mountains surrounding Wanaka.

Jazmine: Wanaka was hands downs one of the prettiest place that I've ever been to. It was like one of those images you see on a desktop but better! Blue sky, ginormous mountains, and clear water - there's nothing better than that.

Then onward we moved to the next adventures in Queenstown!

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