What I learned from my first camping trip

1. Everything you hear about camping is true . . . But experiencing it is completely different. You are sleeping in the wilderness.  Therefore, there is wildlife, changing weather, and other unexpected variables that will cross your path.  You are actually expected to survive and live off these types of living conditions. 2. Peanut butter is always the answer… Eat peanut butter for breakfast, snack,… Read more

Discover: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

This is the first AMAZING photo-journal post this season from the talented Pacific Discovery media intern, Macala Elliott, who will be travelling with our South America and Central America program groups this semester. “Whenever we take the focus off ourselves and move it outward, we benefit. Life’s most fortunate ironies are that what’s best for the long run is best now, and selflessness serves our… Read more

Moments in Thailand

Reflections from our Southeast Asia Semester (B) crew… The experience of spelunking in the caves near Chiang Mai was an unforgettable one. Every person in my group had fears and apprehensions about some of the challenges we faced – such as free rappelling 100 or so feet down into a pit of darkness or sitting in the deepest darkest part of the cave surrounded by… Read more

The Gental Giants of ENP

As we drove along the rocky and dusty roads of Chang Mai on our way to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), we passed by many gentle giants with hundreds of pounds of equipment tearing at their backs. I took long deep breaths as we passed these elephants – relieved to hear this was not going to be our experience with elephants for the coming week…. Read more

¡Bienvenidos a México!

I have been chosen to write the first journal entry for our group in Central America. Its been a little over a week and I’m currently basking on the floor of my Mexican host family’s home. Since you’re probably wondering how I arrived in this state…well, let me to get you up to date! The first thing that happened was that it was hot, and… Read more

Challenge Accepted

Before I start, I just wanted to say how lucky I am to be surrounded by some of the most amazing people that I can share this experience and journey with, who also in many different ways inspire me everyday to achieve things and push myself in ways I never thought I would. For this blog I thought I would write about how, through my… Read more

Exploring Old Sukothai

Hey guys! I’m Miles, and as team team captain for the week, I decided to make this video for the blog. It’s a snapshot into our day exploring Old Sukhothai, the ancient capital of the Siam empire. We got to ride around on bikes and walk through the temple ruins. Rich with culture and history, our trip to Old Sukhothai was certainly memorable. Hope you… Read more

Our Journey Begins…

A snapshot of our thoughts and feelings of the beginning of our adventure ‘down under’… Julia: My strongest emotion so far on the trip has been comfort; I feel that everyone on the trip is accepting and non-judgmental. Everyone is super easy to talk to and I hope it will get even better and we can open up about more things. Super Epic!! Charlie: It… Read more

Journey Up the Winding Road

My hands caught a chill as I gripped the metal bars of the truck we stood upon but moving them was far from an option as my body violently swayed back and forth. The dirt road ahead seemed to weave on forever — switchback after switchback. Slowly the half constructed buildings melted away and were replaced by fields of potatoes and greens. Men and women… Read more

6 days in Australia by Jenny Pushner

One of my goals for these 10 weeks is to take a photo each day that describes either the day or a significant moment that happened during the day. So I figured the best way for me to share about my experience with you all was by sharing my first 6 photos from my time in Australia! Day 1:  This photo of Mikaela, Ethan, and… Read more

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