Surfing Musings

I’m writing this journal from my favorite spot here at surf camp, which is Erik’s hammock, facing towers the woods, listening to Alyssa shred the Ukulele. The clouds are blocking the sun making it the perfect temperature, and I covered myself in poison so the bugs are leaving me alone. Honestly I’m loving surf camp, and I’m definitely as hard as I can to improve-… Read more

The Belize Zoo: Wildlife Rescue, Education Center, and Local Animal Sanctuary

The Belize zoo is unlike any zoo I’ve ever been to. When I think of a zoo what usually comes to mind are small enclosures with a variety of animals not indigenous to that country and huge crowds of people all trying to see a big cat get fed from a metal hook. The Belize zoo is different from the “regular zoo”. This zoo is… Read more

A Catamaran on the Caribbean

Thursday marked the start of our catamaran adventure. After a quick breakfast of bagels, waffles, and coffee we headed to the Ragga Empress, a large catamaran festively painted red yellow and black. We were ushered on by captain Kevin, chef Linton, and guide Elio. We raised the mainsail and headed out to the first snorkel spot. Immediately we could feel the difference from Bacalar Chico… Read more

Grassroots and Beetroot Juice

‘Always try something before you judge’. This is the motto I need to repeat to myself throughout the program. On day twenty we departed from the Blue Mountains and drove many hours to arrive at The Crossing. Completely blind to what The Crossing would encompass, we arrived to a canoe loading port on the side of the road to see a man and woman named… Read more

Only A Smile To Communicate 

Have you ever wondered how much a smile means? Or how it can affect someone’s life? A smile across any culture and language can bring people together.   Meet Pa Cho. This sweet little girl is a prime example of how little one needs to be happy. The second we got to the village after a long day of hiking, I noticed her running towards… Read more

Flying Underwater in Belize

As our boat arrived at Blue Ventures Dive Camp in Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve last Saturday, none of us knew what to expect. 10 days on a remote island in Belize with no way to contact our friends and family definitely sounded a little scary. Would it be tough to go from the larger, air conditioned homes of our homestay families, to small, hot cabañas… Read more

Surfing, Cliffs and Bitou Bush Bashing!

Hello to family and friends abroad! This week in the land down under our group tackled surf camp, something everyone found equally challenging and fun. Our teachers, JJ and Steve, went through some quick board and surfing etiquette on land, then it was time for us to hit those waves! Let me tell you one thing: surfing is not as easy as Aussies make it… Read more

What I learned from my first camping trip

1. Everything you hear about camping is true . . . But experiencing it is completely different. You are sleeping in the wilderness.  Therefore, there is wildlife, changing weather, and other unexpected variables that will cross your path.  You are actually expected to survive and live off these types of living conditions. 2. Peanut butter is always the answer… Eat peanut butter for breakfast, snack,… Read more

Discover: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

This is the first AMAZING photo-journal post this season from the talented Pacific Discovery media intern, Macala Elliott, who will be travelling with our South America and Central America program groups this semester. “Whenever we take the focus off ourselves and move it outward, we benefit. Life’s most fortunate ironies are that what’s best for the long run is best now, and selflessness serves our… Read more

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