“I can do anything” by Caroline, Thailand Summer 19

This wonderful piece of writing is by Caroline Edge, a student on our Thailand Summer 19 program.   At the end of the first week of our Thailand Summer Program our students head up north, to the countryside outside of Chiang Mai and spend two days learning climbing, rappelling and caving.   Looking out over the green abyss I can’t help but feel calm. High… Read more

Chasing Kiwis, written by Lily

This beautiful post was written by Lily, a student on our New Zealand Fiji Summer Program 2019. Kiwis are flightless birds that are native to New Zealand. They are nocturnal birds and unfortunately on the verge of extinction, therefore to actually see a Kiwi bird in the wild is very rare. The Kiwi bird is the national icon of New Zealand.     Our goal… Read more

Instructor Bio: Richard Bassett-Smith – New Zealand Fiji Program 2019

Kia ora, Bula! Welcome and am I excited to be meeting all of you in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for the up and coming journey ahead. I am Richard and will be your program instructor as we embrace the cultures, adventures and contribute to communities found on the other side of the world. I would like to take the opportunity to say hello and introduce myself,… Read more

Instructor Bio: Jessica Dick – Thailand Summer Program 2019

Sawasdee! Hello all and welcome to the Thailand Summer Program. Soon you will depart on an incredible journey with Bangkok as your first destination. Not only will a life changing experience be awaiting you, I will be as well! My name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess if you prefer. I made a transition back to Canada a year ago, but before that… Read more

Full Semester equivalent College Credits now available for Semester Programs

Exciting changes to College Credit allocation for Pacific Discovery Semester Programs For a number of years now we have been closely working with Portland State University to offer College Credits for our Semester Programs. This has made us an excellent gap year choice for many young people who were looking to defer and take some time to refresh before starting studying, and those who were… Read more

Instructor Intro: Devin Perno – NZ & Australia Spring Semester 2019

Hello everyone heading to New Zealand and Australia for the Spring Semester! My name is Devin and I will be one of your instructors for our upcoming learning adventure! I am super excited to start this program and share some wonderful experiences with you down under. I just wanted to take this moment to introduce myself so we can all start to get to know… Read more

Instructor Intro: Karlee Taylor – NZ & Australia Spring Semester 2019

Kia Ora everyone! Haere Mai (Welcome) to our NZA Group A Spring 2019! My name is Karlee and together with Devin, I will be one of your program instructors for your journey through Australia and New Zealand for the Pacific Discovery Semester Program. I’m writing on the road in the South Island of New Zealand where we’ll get into rock climbing together. The snow-topped peaks… Read more

Ten days in Tibet

Yaks dressed in neon decorations drag ploughs through cracked clay. Shaggy sheep fleck the mountains with white. Candles float in bowls of butter bouncing light onto ancient monastery walls. Villages of identical plaster rectangle homes become more dilapidated as we near Everest Base Camp. Colours of the rainbow bleed from fur blanketed mountains and silhouette Tibetans working the land. We flew from Kathmandu to Lhasa… Read more

Instructor Intro: Karlee Taylor

Kia Ora everyone and hello from Aotearoa! My name is Karlee and along with Ricki, I will be one of your program instructors for your journey in New Zealand with Pacific Discovery. I’m writing from Queenstown in the South Island looking out over the stunning Lake Wakatipu – thinking about the patch of South Australian bush where I grew up feels warm and extremely dry… Read more

Haere mai (welcome) Simpson College!

Kia ora (hello) Simspon College! My name is Ricki, and I’m going to be showing you around the North Island of New Zealand with my co-instructor Karlee. We are both super excited about this adventure we’re about to embark on together. I’ve just been looking through the itinerary again, and I am getting really pumped about the awesome times that lay ahead for us. The… Read more