Not Just A Team But A Family

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

The Kahurangi National Park expedition was the most impactful experience on the program for me, so far. It was physically and mentally challenging. The days were long and feet were sore but it was worth it for every single view. We conquered mountains, whittled knives, and learned how to start fires. Our group is not only a team but a family; we worked hard to navigate tough terrain and still found time to laugh and enjoy life.

Sometimes when you know you're going to be hiking all day you forget to give yourself moments of reflection to realize where you are and who you're with. This trip was an eye opening experience to show me that all the people surrounding me are always going to be here for me. We were the first PD group to hike to the Mount Arthur summit where we saw snow! We also trekked up Gordon's Pyramid which gave us rewarding breath taking views. From team work to getting into caves, sliding down steep ridges with loads of mud splattering all over us, and to making sure we are together as a pack by putting slower people in the front to set the pace, we truly learned how to work together.

I'm leaving this week feeling so inspired by my group and so proud to accomplish the things we've done!

~ Phillip

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