Kayaking in Quilotoa

On October 21, our group kayaked in the Quilotoa volcanic crater located in Ecuador.  The volcanic crater was filled with deep blue water and the mountains surrounding the crater were filled with different plants. We grouped into pairs for kayaking; Celia and Stephen, Griffin and Lexi, Jack and Sam, Abby and Elle, Lee and Alexander and me with Aidan. When we entered the water in our kayaks we were hit by a slight breeze which pushed us in our kayaks. Each kayak went to different parts of the crater. The view was breathtaking, everywhere I looked I was in awe over the scenery. The light shining over the mountains was gorgeous and I couldn't stop taking pictures. The breeze brushing against my face, the water hitting the sides of the kayak, and the scent of the fresh water made the experience memorizing. When we finished kayaking we all had smiles on our faces and some of us took horses back up the mountain while some of us walked up. After our kayaking adventure we continued onward to our next adventure: Baños!

The view of the lake from the rim of the crater.

Our view from inside the boats!

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