Instructor Intro: Karlee Taylor

Hi everyone!

I'm Karlee, I'll be your Program Instructor along with Susy for our upcoming journey through Australia and New Zealand. I'm so looking forward to meeting you all!

I thought I'd start by sharing a little bit of my story. I grew up in a patch of Australian bush called Humbug Scrub in South Australia. My passion for the ocean drew me closer to the coast where diving and swimming all year round brought me wonderful encounters with sea lions, dolphins and so many delightful small critters!

I lived and worked in Laos for two years and returned to settle into some of the stunning locations we'll be visiting on our adventure in the far south coast and northern New South Wales. I know you will fall in love with this Yuin and Bundjalung country as I did!

What I'm most excited about is this is only the start  of our adventure together - and you've all made the awesome decision to get out into the wild and start having adventures yourselves! Living adventurously is a choice  that many people shy away from. So congratulations! You've already undertaken the most difficult part of the trip!

If you're feeling a bit nervous... enjoy it!

Outdoors we learn quickly there is another rhythm than the human pace. The wonder and excitement we feel at the smell of the ocean, the forest, and the countless stars in clear night skies, will engender a feeling of peace and harmony with the natural world that you won't forget.

Any questions? Ask away! Curiosity and inquisitive minds make for an amazing journey!


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