Instructor Intro: Jessica Dick

Hello all and welcome to the SCH Cambodia program!

Soon you will depart on an incredible journey with Phnom Penh as your first destination. We will have the chance to spend two weeks together, traveling around Cambodia in both rural and urban areas. Not only will an amazing experience be awaiting you, I will be as well! My name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess if you prefer.

For the past six years I have been based in Asia where the Eastern culture, breathtaking nature, ancient traditions, exotic flavorful tastes and the simple lifestyle, allowed me to grow and develop. It has been 8 months since moving back to Canada (my home country) and I cannot wait to set foot on Cambodian soil again!

The experience we are about to share together is unique and one to look forward to. Working closely with some really amazing examples of social entrepreneurs is only one aspect; we will get an in-depth look at how development of individuals builds communities and provides support on numerous level. Two years ago I ran this program with another group from SCH and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Most of your basic amenities are easily available, so try to stick to the gear list. Reduce weight where you can and make sure to save some room for the neat things you will find along the way!

It is important to the success of the program that you come with an open mind and a positive attitude. The more that we can accept and participate in the culture, the more local of an experience we will have. It is the small acts of respect that are never overlooked here. Remember that often, the sense of time is slowed and therefore we must show patience, towards the locals and each other. Along the way we will make moments and memories; together, we can create the journey of a lifetime!

After this experience, you will have done things you haven’t dreamt possible! You are no doubt going to be a stronger, braver, skilled, more conscientious and not to mention a down-right inspired individual.

Until we meet in person, take care of yourself and get excited. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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