Instructor Intro: Erin Peacock

Hola everyone!

I am thrilled to be joining you all on this adventure to wonderful Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos where we will learn, grow, expand, evolve, and discover things about each other and ourselves that we can't even imagine!

I am originally from the northeastern part of the US, but have been exploring the world for the past six years, living and traveling for work and pleasure. I am filled with gratitude for all of the wonderful people I have met, experiences I have had, new things I have tried, incredible landscapes I have seen, and delicious foods I have tasted. Wow! The more I travel, the more I realize how beautiful, welcoming, and generous the natural and human world is. I am excited to share and exchange travel stories with you all and introduce you to the wonders of South American culture!

Because of my nomadic lifestyle, I often tell people that I live where I am and consider home to be where I am in any moment. However, I am now very happy to say that Ecuador and Galapagos is my home. I spent the month of May living in the Galapagos and just finished a five week service program on the mainland and the islands. What a dream!

I fully embody the attitude of gratitude, curiosity of all things, engaged interactions, living in the present moment as much as possible, awareness of self and others, open communication, positive thinking, and living with mindfulness- compassion, understanding, and love. Smiles and laughter light up the world, so bring yours with you to South America!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Un abrazo,

Erin :]


  1. Kristen Anderson   •  

    Hi Erin!
    Do you know if a Facebook group has been started for the people going with you to South America this Fall yet?

    1. Rachel Sanson   •  

      Hi Kristen – yes – Lexi has joined this already. Thank you

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